How to use mimy?

mimy is a platform that makes it possible to predict the outcome of any event that is created by mimy’s creative team or any verified user.


How does it work?

Step 1


You choose or create an event you would like to bet on.


Step 2

Placing the bet

You place a deposit and choose an event you would like to bet on.

place bet

Step 3

Win and get money

The event's total bank equals the sum of the banks of each outcome. Once the winning outcome is confirmed, the total bank is distributed between all the players, who chose the winning outcome depending on their share in the total bank on that outcome.

win image

What about the money?

Each user deposits his own funds to his own account on mimy to participate in events.

All transactions are safe and transparent. All user’s funds are safely stored on user’s private accounts. You can easily withdraw funds in accordance with current rules.

about money

Bank calculation

Try and count your profit using calculator

Number of users who take part in bet

There might be at least one user who has chosen a different outcome from you so the bet is activated.


Amount of money you want to place

User 1 placed


Bank size


Your possible win is:


the event creator comission: ₹0.15

mimy’s comission: ₹3.00

What is the story behind mimy?

story image

The story

This story started before the pandemic. Those were the times when people could safely go to bars, get together with friends, and drink without thinking about all kinds of coronaviruses. In these distant and amazing times, my friends and I had a sacred tradition ‒ to drink. This tradition sounds quite simple, but we are not looking for simple ways, so we constantly come up with something new. I am quite a gambling person, I love risk, bets, and especially I love to have a good deal of fun, and of course free money. In such cases, it is better not to go to the casino, but to argue with your friends for any delirium is always welcome.

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We bet on everything

We bet on various sports teams and athletes. We accept bets related to space, stocks, new technologies, politics, science, movies, music, pop culture, you name it. We have everything for the skilled betters as well as for those who just want to have fun betting on various events.

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Move parties to the Internet

This added interest to our gatherings, adrenaline, and a competitive moment. The coronavirus pandemic has decided to deprive us of this pleasure. But who said staying at home is bad? Many other possibilities open up, and we decided not to stop and have fun further. We are advanced guys and decided to move our parties to the Internet. Have you seen celebrities drinking on Skype with friends? It was too easy for us, and we decided not only to create a convenient platform for ourselves but also to share it with the whole world. You never know how many more psychos there are in the world who want to bet their money on some nonsense.


Maybe I Maybe You

This is how our project was born with a very understandable name Maybe I Maybe You (mimy). This is the very place where you will not bother about any odds, complex selection of bets, etc. Here you find an interesting bet, set on any option that you like, and just sit waiting for your money. Well, or you say goodbye to your money. The name mimy perfectly shows the whole meaning of this betting platform.

Bet, create, have fun!

Here you can bet on anything!

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