20 top tips and tricks to play Free Fire

20 top tips and tricks to play Free Fire

       Free Fire has become really popular during coronavirus quarantines, and over 500 million players have downloaded it on Google Store.

      If you are determined to become a professional player of Free Fire, get use of these tips and tricks.

  1. Accessories do not play any significant part. They are about to make your character look cooler and… that’s all. A smart outfit like T-shirts, trousers, shoes, and hats do not give you any power. Your rivals want something else – your death. Moreover, clothing can be exchanged for diamonds, which in their turn are bought for real cash. So you can easily do without this showing-off and save your money.
  2. Beware of looting in the open. In another case, you’ll become an easy target for your competitors. While looting, move the analog sideways.
  3. Use both short-range and long-range guns. You need two weapons – one for close enemies (one of SMG ammo guns), another one – for far away rivals (AR ammo gun). On the whole, there are about 30 types of weapons in the game, all having different firing speeds and other characteristics. Choose to your taste.
  4. It is vital to choose a decent character. Two free heroes are provided when you start playing – Eve and Adam. However, they have no pros.

    Other characters can be exchanged for diamonds or dollars. They have certain advantages. For instance, Nikita offers a 4% quicker submachine reload. Misha has got a better driving velocity. Ford is gifted with 4% less damage when he’s outside the safe zone. Andrew provides a less vest durability loss. Kelly has got a better sprint speed. Olivia can revive players with +6 HP. The performance of your character improves while you go on leveling them up.
  5. Use the thumb layout while playing. Free Fire has no difficult in-game mechanisms and you will easily get used to its controls.
  6. Choose a safe location to land when jumping from a plane, where there are no people. If you select a popular place for landing, you may be killed quickly. Choose a corner on the map and land there, as players don’t usually visit those spots.
  7. There is a clue in the game when your sight becomes red. It means there is a rival near you. So pull the trigger and you may shoot or hurt your enemy without effort.
  8.  Use the default aim precision. Follow the steps: crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch and fire.
  9. Always wear a helmet and a vest, which are available in Level 1 – Level 4. They are the best protection for you in combats.
  10. Vehicles are a perfect instrument to be faster when you want to get somewhere quickly or to run away. Yet, they should be employed only at the beginning of a game when there are a lot of battles and players won’t pay attention to you in a vehicle. Later on, when there are around ten survived players, vehicles are more dangerous to use, they are noticeable.
  11. Sensitivity settings play a vital role in reaction time. Adjust your sensitivity settings to your personal style of playing. Don’t copy anyone, it is too individual.
  12. Pay attention to who you play with. “Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are.” In other words, if you play with professional teammates, you’ll become a pro very fast. A good squad will consult you if you are in trouble. Use a voice chat for that. If your friend list doesn’t contain any pro players, use the Squad Mode where you can find them.
  13. There is almost a 100% probability that you’ll be attacked right after your landing. Don’t engage in shooting back in the beginning, this game is not about who shoots better and faster, but who survives. So try to find a shelter or run away in a vehicle. Stay as far as possible from other players while they are killing each other.
  14. Don’t employ Jump Shoot if you can’t do it perfectly. It is better to get prepared or not use it at all.
  15. TU TU cars and amphibian cars are the worst in Free Fire in terms of their speed and safety. It is a piece of cake to become an easy target when moving in these cars. Monster trucks and sports cars are the best choices.
  16. A lot of players don’t move during the fighting. That’s because they are playing Free Fire on their mobile devices, and it’s impossible to move and shoot simultaneously on them. If you have the privilege of using a mouse and a keyboard, employ the first one for shooting and the latter – for moving. Moving targets are very difficult to shoot, so mobile players hardly have any chance to kill you. If someone is trying to hit you, start moving around chaotically.
  17. Learn to snipe well. Sniping involves shooting from a big distance, and the risks to be hit are lower.
  18. Choose Detective Panda as a pet. It has got a lot of benefits, for instance, it provides you with +10 health points for each killed rival.
  19. Gloo Wall is a thing that saves lives. Use it while looting and you’ll be protected.
  20. If you take shelter somewhere, use a landmine. Just put it at the entrance of the building where you are located. You can get a landmine in the Clocktower or factory.

We hope these tips and tricks will come in handy and make your Free Fire playing a fun and exciting experience.