8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

      Sun, sea, and mountains are already a good set, aren’t they? But what if you add here a little extreme and thrill? For example, jumping into open water from rocks. Unbelievably beautiful nature, no visible seafloor, or vice versa, too clear picture through crystal clear water, adrenaline tickling nerves. All this leaves an unforgettable experience.

The best cliff diving spots. A selection of 8 locations around the world

     Of course, if only you are prepared and you know where the proven place is and it is safe to jump here. And if you have to work on the first one on your own, then you can find out about the best cliff diving spots right now, in this article. Check out the list of the best cliff diving spots. 

8. Rick’s Cafe, Negril, Jamaica

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

      This is one of the most popular bars in Jamaica. The place boasts incredible natural beauty, spectacular sunsets, and great rocks for both beginners and experienced divers alike as if it was made for cliff diving.

      In total, there are three levels of height available, from 2 to 10 meters. And the most courageous daredevils can try to climb one of the trees that grow right next to the cliff and jump from there.

      It might not be the best idea to open a bar near a great cliff diving spot, but if you don’t plan on mixing alcohol with adrenaline, this place is worth a visit.

7. Santorini, Greece

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

      This island in the Aegean Sea is known not only as a picturesque resort with snow-white houses but also as a place with numerous cliff diving locations. The most famous rocks on Kamari Beach. Their height reaches 12 meters. Besides, thrill-seekers will love the Amoudi Bay with countless hidden coves.

     In total, there are about 10-12 rocks of different shapes and heights on the island, from which you can make jumps of different levels of difficulty. Such a multifaceted place cannot be ignored; it is fraught with a lot of pleasant surprises.

6. Old River, Kimberley, Australia

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

     If you like desert landscapes, dry climates, gorges, waterfalls, and cool waters, then cliff diving along the Old River is the way to go. The locations for this make the Kimberley region in Western Australia a very attractive destination for cliff divers.

     Even though the river is quite deep, keep in mind that such diving conditions are suitable only for experienced divers.

5. Wolfgangsee, Austria

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

       A very picturesque and cozy place where you can not only relax, but also practice jumping off the cliff. The lake is surrounded by many rocks from 3 to 27 meters high, most of which are suitable for diving. However, Falkenstein Cliff is particularly popular with experienced and professional divers, where a special platform is installed at a height of 30 meters.

     It is also worth noting that the annual Red Bull Cliff Diving competition is held on Lake Wolfgangsee.

4. Krabi, Thailand

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

      The cliffs in this province of Thailand resemble the landscapes of Pandora from the movie Avatar. More than once they have already become a site for cliff diving competitions. The site is rich in various cliff diving locations that are suitable for jumping. The warm water provides comfortable diving, and the surrounding landscape provides a stunning backdrop for the jump.

     Plus, some truly incredible rocks can be found here. Once you climb on top of them, you have no way back. Since the descent is as inconvenient as possible and can even be dangerous, the only way is to jump into the bright blue, transparent water.

3. Kahekili’s Leap, Lanai, Hawaii

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

      First of all, this place is notable for the fact that it was from these rocks that some of the ancestors of cliff diving jumped. In ancient times, jumping into the water from a high rock was considered a confirmation of courage among the warriors of the Maui tribe.

      Cliff diving is possible here almost all year round. But the place itself can only be recommended to experienced divers. The difficulty lies not only in the jump itself from a 25-meter height but also in the danger of hitting the rocks protruding from the water. Also, the depth of water here reaches only 4-5 meters.

     Truly one of the best cliff jumping spots in the world.

2. Red Rocks Park, South Burlington, Vermont

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

      Vermont is famous among divers for its vibrant, scenic, and extreme cliff diving sites. Cold water awaits you here, which can take your breath away during a dive, fantastic landscapes, and 25 meters high rocks.

      In addition to cold water, narrow channels and depth differences await you here. The place is really dangerous. Such conditions are not suitable for beginners, so if you have no experience in cliff diving, it is better to refrain from jumping into the water from high cliffs in Red Rocks Park.

1. Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia

8 of the most legendary cliff diving spots around the world

       Another very interesting place, one of the best for cliff diving. It is not in the wild, but it is so cool that it will take the spirit of even the most experienced and daring divers. This is a bridge over the Neretva River, in the city of Mostar. The jump height depends on the water level and varies from 24 to 30 meters. Besides, during the competition, a special tower can be placed here, which additionally increases the height from which the athletes jump. The water in the river is cool, so you need to prepare for the jump both mentally and physically. 

      And even if you haven’t started cliff diving yet, but ended up in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of July, you can watch the annual competition. Perhaps this will inspire you to conquer new horizons.


       Although cliff diving looks easy enough, after all, people are just jumping off cliffs into the water, don’t be fooled. Professional athletes have been training for years to jump in dangerous places. They take into account the totality of the jump conditions down to the smallest detail. In this sport, a wrongly counted second or stronger than expected gust of wind can cost a life.

      Therefore, if you are just interested in cliff diving, do not rush to jump into the water from the first rock you come across. Mingle with experienced athletes, take cliff diving lessons, and work out on the decks in the pool. Also please note that this article is informational and should not be perceived by the reader as a call to action.