Bottle Cap Challenge is Back

Bottle Cap Challenge

Now there are a lot of different challenges but I want to remember one that was most popular in 2019. Typically, if trends quickly subside, this one is still popular. It is Coke Bottle Challenge or as it is known now ‒ Bottle Cap Challenge!

Bottle Cap Challenge is Back

The flashmob has a simple “pop a cap” meaning: you need to unscrew the bottle cap with the turn kick.

The first post with Bottle Cap Challenge appeared on Instagram back in 2017. Although the flashmob didn’t gain popularity in social networks: in 2017, there was only one bottle challenge video, and in 2018, there were several already. But in summer 2019, the coke bottle challenge got a second coming. One of the first to test it was a karate girl registered on Instagram as helena_tigres. Her post appeared on social networks on June 24. In her video, the girl knocks the lid off the bottle with a high kick from the U-turn!

Following this exact kick, the world champion in taekwondo Kazakhstani Farabi Davletshin boasted. Unlike Helena (and previous members of the flash mob), the athlete knocked the lid with a jump shot. In his post, Farabi passed the baton to famous athletes and actors: Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sergey Badyuk, Scott Edkins and Aaron Gassor.

The men whom Davletshin passed the challenge didn’t accept it, at least they didn’t post the videos from the Bottle Cap Challenge on Instagram. But the video was noticed by Farabi designer and founder of the Acronym brand, Errolson Hugh, who also couldn't resist and repeated the trick. And for the epic, he also slowed down the video.

And the challenge from Hugh has already been accepted by UFC fighter Max Holloway

Holloway showed off his kicking skills by posting a video of himself participating in the challenge. In the Twitter post, Holloway then challenged singer John Mayer.

This video scored almost 2 million views in a matter of days. Now the Bottle Cap Challenge has become viral ‒ sport, cinema, and TV show stars take part in it. The British actor Jason Statham couldn’t resist. He made it in a “Transporter” style.

In the comments under his post, subscribers share different versions of this trick. It should be noted that the video is executed and shot in the Hollywood style.

“Great job, Jason Statham. I open this bottle for you. Nominating Floyd Mayweather” signed his video McGregor.

These are the coolest Coke Bottle Challenge videos I've found. What about you, guys? Can you repeat it?