Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

      Should you use sentinel armor in Doom Eternal? How do you get new armor in Doom Eternal and how do you change armor in Doom Eternal? Answers to these and other essential questions you’ll find in this article. 

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

      The leveling system in Doom Eternal has been improved and refined, but in principle, it has remained the same simple, almost linear. However, there is a lot to do in Doom Eternal, and the game even provides a choice of what to unlock. That is, the player himself decides what he will develop, improve, etc.

One could say that all skills and improvements are equally useful, but this is not entirely true. In the sense that you will want to pump some perks first, and postpone others for later. In this article, you will learn how to upgrade the praetor armor, where to find a sentinel suit, how to use runes, and other nuances. Read on to find out more.

Available armor upgrades in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

       Praetorian armor is the suit of the great Doom Slayer, and only he has the right to wear this armor because for others they will not be activated. It was made in demonic forges for those whom the demons do not want to name because he rejected his race and sided with the Slayer.

    The armor is virtually immune to damage and is equipped with a set of gauges on gloves and a chest plate that attracts the Argent Plasma and distributes it throughout the suit.

     In Doom Eternal, the praetor suit has been upgraded. So the area of ​​the elbow joints was lightened, the biceps were opened. Due to this, it became possible to attach a shoulder cannon capable of firing grenades and releasing jets of fire. Also on the left forearm has appeared “Doomblade” – a long blade that can be used to finish off stunned demons.

Unlocking improvements

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

       The suit allows for additional modifications depending on the player's style. The main improvements are an increase in the amount of health, an increase in armor, and an increase in wearable ammunition. You can get them using Argent cells.

        At the beginning of the game, it is preferable to concentrate on increasing the ammo limit. At the very least, it is desirable to reach the third level. You have to shoot a lot, and the cartridges run out quickly. Also, a good improvement will be the passive ability to attract loot at a distance.

What to upgrade first?

     When looking at upgrades in Doom on a round tile with an upgrade category, your best bet would be to invest in the most expensive one – the frag grenade. This way you can use two grenades. And unlike Doom 2016, in Doom Eternal, the use of grenades is really important.

     After you open the grenades, provide the Slayer with mobility. Doom Eternal is a very fast game, and being able to move quickly is vital in a demon-infested environment. It is recommended to open all the improvements that increase mobility.

Using runes in Doom Eternal 

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

    As for demonic runes – ability enhancers, everything here is purely subjective. There are nine types of runes available in Doom Eternal, but only three can be used at a time. They all recharge over time.

    Pay attention to the rune that allows you to survive the killing blow; a rune that gives increased control in the air (improved mobility); as well as a rune that speeds up finishing off opponents (mobility).

     Each of the runes can be improved over time. To increase their effectiveness, complete certain tasks offered by the game.

Sentinel suit in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

     Unlike the praetor suit, the sentinel armor is reinforced and thus greatly reduces the damage done by demons.

How do I get the sentinel armor?

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

     The easiest way is that the game itself will offer you a different armor if you often lose to the horde of demons. However, this is far from the most interesting option.

      If you look into Fortress of Doom, the place where you load in the game, you will find that the tower has its own secrets. For example, if you go to the second floor and go through slowly opening doors, you can find yourself on a winding path with gaping rifts above the abyss.

     If you go to the end, you will come to the hall where the coveted armor is kept. To unlock the suit, you must have two sentinel batteries. They can be found at locations while exploring the game world or received for completing tasks. Upgrades in Doom 2 for praetor armor, also available for sentinel armor.

How do I find sentinel batteries?

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?

     Batteries are displayed on the map as question marks. Each battery can be seen if only you are next to it. The battery is easy to spot – it glows blue. Remember that these items are often hidden in confined spaces, and sometimes you need to break a wall or an air vent to access them.

How do I change my armor?

     To change armor, go to the main menu of the game, select settings, and then suits. There you will see all the armor available to the protagonist.


     Of course, the sentinel armor better protects the protagonist from the hordes of demons, but efforts to purposefully obtain it may turn out to be unjustified since it does not give significant improvements. At the same time, if you are determined to complete all the levels of the game in its entirety, getting the bonus in the form of a reinforced suit will be a very pleasant addition.

Doom Eternal: Best armor upgrades - which ones?