Fantastic Five: The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

Every game has cheaters, and CSGO is no exception. There are tens of millions of accounts in CSGO, which is very good for the community, but many accounts are banned by the VAC ban system.

Some players resort to cheats to get more fun from the game – but we discard them right away. Let's talk about professional players who got a VAC ban.

Here are the five most famous CS GO pro hackers.


Fantastic Five: The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian played for the Titan eSports team. KQLY showed great promise until he got VAC banned.

The entire cyber scene was shocked – a professional player was caught cheating. As it turned out, one day a developer contacted KQLY and he told about the software he created, which gave the player various advantages, such as the ability to see through walls.

According to KQLY, this guy convinced him to try his software – he said that many famous players were using the cheat. Tovmasyan got trial access to the cheat for a week. The player claimed that after the trial period had expired, he did not use the cheat, because he did not want to take risks. At that time, he was already playing for Titan eSports.

After being caught by the Valve anti-cheat, KQLY made a statement explaining his cheating with curiosity and regretting disappointing his fans.


Fantastic Five: The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

The following case is perhaps the funniest of all CS GO pros cheating cases. The player was caught red-handed.

Perhaps some of you have guessed who I am talking about. If not, let me enlighten you ‒ it’s all about Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat. This guy played for OpTic India and it seemed that he had everything ahead of him.

Many guessed that the player might be using cheats, since he was very good, and some points in his game were suspicious. But the organizers of major tournaments need solid evidence. That is why it was decided to check forsaken’s computer during the break, as the administrator noticed something suspicious in his game.

Kumawat had the word.ex file open – he tried to disguise the cheating software that helped him aim. As a result, his team was disqualified. Later it turned out that the player used cheats in other tournaments, and OpTic Gaming knew about it, but decided to keep him in the team.


Fantastic Five: The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

An interesting story also happened with the Team Property player Joel Mako, better known as emilio. Right during the game against HellRaisers at the Fragbite Masters tournament, emilio received a VAC ban from Steam. This fact shocked many commentators and viewers.

The team was allowed to present evidence of the player's innocence, but it provided none. As a result, the organizers decided to severely punish both the player and his team – Team Property was disqualified, and Emilio was banned from all subsequent tournaments.

Mako claimed that he received a ban because he gave access to the account to his friend, who turned out to be a cheater.

On April 15, Valve changed the rules for players with VAC bans. They can now participate in tournaments sponsored by Valve if they got banned more than five years ago. Valve decided to give a second chance to players who got a VAC ban at a young age or by coincidence.

The Valve decision certainly influenced many players, but we will focus on two of them – Jamppi and vsm.


Fantastic Five: The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen's case is one of the most scandalous. His CSGO career was ruined by a VAC ban he received at the age of 14. This guy was considered one of the most talented players of the generation, but Valve's decision left him no choice.

In the fall of 2019, Jamppi was close to moving to OG. During the negotiations, the fact that Elias has a VAC ban was revealed. Realizing the risks, the club decided not to sign a contract with the player. From April to December 2020, Jamppi played with ENCE. Then he moved to Riot’s VALORANT.

Jamppi fought to get the VAC ban removed. Olkkonen told that many years ago he sold his CS GO account to a friend. After a while, this account got banned. Jamppi even sued Valve, but to no avail.

Now it doesn't matter under what circumstances Jamppi got a VAC ban. Valve's new rules tied his hands.


Fantastic Five: The Most Infamous CS GO Pro Cheaters

The story of Vinicius “vsm” Moreira is another famous case of a promising pro player who got a VAC ban. Vinicius had a rapid career start. In 2017, they first talked about him and compared him with Marcelo “coldzera” David.

A year later, it was discovered that vsm had an old banned account. Vinicius got his VAC ban when he was 13 years old. This news influenced the career of the Brazilian. And the local community started to hate him.

Since July 2018 vsm has been on a contract with DETONA Gaming, and at the end of last year, Vinicius was rented by MIBR. The eminent Brazilian organization decided to disband the team in January. Since then, vsm and his teammates have been looking for a new club.

Valve's updated rules will make vsm more attractive to organizations. Now Vsm will be able to participate in major tournaments and follow his dream.