FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks

Any player is after the win all the time. What's hard about that, right? Choose transfers properly, learn how to dribble, use only the fastest strikers and play according to the scheme with three forwards. In general, these tips are correct, but there are a number of tips and tricks that will significantly increase your chances of winning. And here they are! 

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks

Change Camera View

The way you see the field has a big influence on the game. You can use the radar, but it covers the lower part of the screen and is not able to give the full picture on the field.

Use these options for a proper view:

  1. Change from tv-broadcast to coop in the game settings;
  2. The camera can be changed not changing its settings in the game. Buy the West Ham United home stadium - London Stadium. The thing is that the camera is located under the roof and provides an excellent overview at the right angle of the entire field in all its sections. The cost of the stadium is low, so everyone can take advantage of this life hack.

Using Low Cross 

When playing in PvP mode and PvE mode, it is very difficult to carry out an attack in the center. Therefore, it is better to attack through the flank. But to push the ball to the gates is not that hard, the main task is to deliver the ball directly to the penalty area. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Use dribble to get into the penalty area and score;
  2. Make a cross to the penalty box;
  3. A low cross from the flankб which is the most effective and simple way. If done correctly, the pass will find the foot of the striker near the post with an 80% chance to score. To perform a low cross you need to quickly press the Lob pass/cross/header button three times in a row, directing it towards the gate.

Control Your Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper control can be used to your advantage in corner kicks. Kippers should be placed in the center of the goalkeeper’s square. But you can get a “dry leaf” goal if the opponent has such a skill. Keep that in mind.

Early Morning is the Best Time to do Shopping

This trick will help in creating the optimal team roster. Buying and selling silver players from the top championships in the evening is not worth it due to huge competition, in 90% of cases, you will lose both money and time.

The best time for transfers is the early morning. Outlets in the game are divided into time zones, so you will not come across a player from another hemisphere. Your direct competitors are in the same time zone as you, and if you wake up early in the morning, it’s worth picking up a smartphone and making the maximum number of bids, which will close soon. During the day you will see that part of the deals made you some good profit. We recommend paying attention to the players of the Portuguese or, for example, the Chinese league, for some interesting options.

Pay Attention to Bronze Sets

If you have some money and want to increase it to several million, purchase extremely rare bronze sets. Here are their advantages:

  1. There are no limits on the number of players, you can get more than 3, unlike silver sets;
  2. Players from silver packs cost the same (in general) as in bronze packs, so there is no point in overpaying;
  3. The cost of fitness cards in silver packs is equal to the price in bronze, given that bronze is 4-5 times cheaper.

Rare bronze sets often include coins and additional bonuses as well as players who do not have a limit on the amount equal to three per package.

Use the Player on the Near Post

The way is that you can put the player on the near post during the free kick in your direction, and if the opponent making a free-kick, then you will save yourself from the goal. But there is one minus, there will be no offside for the opponent. If the opponent decides to play the ball, he will be able to hit from a closer distance without interference but you can confuse the opponent by moving the player from the post and putting him back. Such a maneuver will force the players to change their location. 

Change Formations Without Stopping the Game

FIFA 20 allows you to change the formation during the game, so you can adapt your game to any situation. And your opponent does not notice the change of formation and does not understand why his tactics was working a minute ago, and now need to look for a gap in the defense. If you are loosing and need to score fast, then put 3 strikers. If you want to keep a score, then focus on the mid zone and defense, increasing the number of players there.

PvP and PvE Require an Individual Approach

Different game modes require different tactics and formations. So, for example, a team playing well against the computer is practically useless when playing against a real player, and vice versa. This is explained by the fact that in the Weekend League mode or Division Rivals mode, fast players with a good cross are useful, and in Squad Battle strong players (height, weight, stamina and long shots) are more efficient.

Use this information when building tactics and choosing players before the game starts.

FIFA 20 Tips and Tricks