Full List of IPL Team Owners 2021

    The IPL (Indian Premier League) is one of the biggest cricket events in the world. It is a highly anticipated tournament of the best Indian cricket teams, which is being held on an annual basis starting from 2008.

   Eight teams take part in the competition. Before every season there is an auction aimed at determining which Indian players will participate and the size of funds each team can spend. The teams end up having a fixed amount of money, hence, the selection of players must be planned in detail and calculative. In this article, we will break down all teams participating in the 2021 champions league, along with the IPL team owners 2020-2021 and their net worth.

     Teams in the IPL have owners. Those usually are very wealthy businessmen who are very keen on sports. Sometimes a team can be owned by a bunch of people or even a legal entity. However, there is always someone who impacts the team’s life more than others (the richest one). These people have played an essential part in forming the IPL since the date of its creation. Let’s take a look at all of the IPL franchise owners in 2021.

List of IPL teams in 2021

Full List of IPL Team Owners 2021

    Below we provide a high-level overview of the teams and owners of IPL teams 2021. The list is sorted by the total team’s worth.

Mumbai Indians

      Maybe the most resultative team in the league is “Mumbai Indians”, whose owners are Reliance Industries, a five-time winner of the main title. The general person among the owners is Mukesh Ambani, who happens to be one of the richest sports team owners on the planet (the 1st being Steve Balmer, NBA team owner), whose wealth tops 71 billion USD. He is considered to be the main Mumbai team owner. His son, Akash Ambani, COB of Reliance Industries, often participates in the life of the team along with his mother. Both of them have been frequently spotted on the stadiums, greeting the team, as well as giving numerous interviews on the matter. That makes them one of the most passionate families – team owners.

Chennai Super Kings

     Chennai Super Kings, shortly named CSK, trained by the retired cricket icon – MS Dhoni, is one of the most cherished teams in IPL. Its owner is an entity bearing the same name - Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited. It was formerly owned by another entity – India Cements, however, due to a certain conflict the ownership was transferred and reformed. In 2015 the team was disqualified for two years due to a scandal with the Justice Lodha Committee connected with spot-fixing. Anyway, it came back. Even stronger than ever. CSK IPL team is the holder of 3 IPL winnings, in 2010, 2011, and 2018 years. It is the only team that took part in all playoffs (excluding 2020). The main figure and the main owner is N. Srinivasan, whose net worth reaches 80 million USD. 

Kolkata Knight Riders

      If speaking about fast-growing success in cricket – Kolkata Knight Riders is the first name that comes to mind. Originally out of Kolkata city (as is obvious from the name), the team is the bearer of two main titles and has a former cricketer, Gautam Gambhir, as its leader. There is no sole owner of the KKR IPL team 2021. The team has two owners: Shahrukh Khan, a famous Indian actor, and producer (with the personal capital of 640 million USD), also known as “the King of Bollywood”, who holds the company called Chillies Entertainment; and the brilliant actress – Juhi Chawala along with her husband, Jay Mehta, owners of the Mehta Group. By the contract, they split the ownership at the rate of 55%/45% respectively. Both owners can be often seen in the stands supporting their team.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

     A relevantly slow on performance, the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCD) team, witnessed a couple of ownership changes through the last decade. Previously it was owned by the Indian businessman – Vijay Mallya. In time the ownership has been shifted to Anand Kripalu, the CEO of the United Spirits company. The change was for good, as in 2016 it demonstrated its best performance. Though not bearing any titles, RCB shows promising results and raises expectations for its bright future.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

     A team out of Hyderabad city, called Sunrisers Hyderabad, has gained the first prize two times – in 2009 and 2016. At first, the team belonged to the Deccan Chronicle group and was called differently (Deccan Chargers). After the company announced its fading economical positions, the team was acquired by one of the major Indian television networks – Sun TV. The company has more than 30 channels and around 50 radio stations. The chairman of this TV network is the popular media baron – Kalanithi Maran, whose net worth as of 2021 makes around 2.7 billion USD. He is often referred to as the sole SRH team owner. His daughter, Kaviya Maran, often accompanies him during the matches.

Delhi Capitals

    Previously named Delhi Daredevils, now called Delhi Capitals, is the biggest city franchise ever. Until 2018 two companies had equal shares in owning the Delhi Capitals team – GMR group and JSW group. In 2018 GMR sold 50% of its share to JSW. The businessman Parth Jindal is considered to be the chairman of the team. He takes an active part in the team operation. Despite relevantly young age, his net worth tops up to 560 Crore.

    The year 2020 has become the most resultative for the team, as the Capitals reached the finals for the first time in their career. Parth Jindal was spotted on the stadium stands during the 2020 tournament, cheering for his team.

Punjab Kings

Punjab Kings is the team that has the prettiest face of all, as it is owned by the gorgeous Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. Along with other owners – Ness Wadia (Chairman of Wadia Group), Mohit Burman, and Karan Paul, she can be often seen supporting her team on the stadiums. The bubbly girl, Preity Zina had an astonishingly successful career in Bollywood and is one of the most beloved actresses in India. When speaking about the team’s performance – things are not so glamorous. Punjab Kings cannot boast of any good season.

Rajasthan Royals

     Rajasthan Royals is the team that won the first-ever IPL season in 2008. Unfortunately, there were not so many results worth telling after that. The team was also a part of the scandal with match fixing and was suspended for two years along with Chennai Super Kings.

    The team has several owners, however, the biggest share (over 50%) belongs to the Indian businessman and venture capitalist – Manoj Badale. The net worth of Mr. Badale is about 160 million USD.


     The IPL, being a major and expected event in India, brings much attention to the stadiums. Millions of eyes are fixed on the players making the tension higher with every match. Both IPL teams and their owners struggle for the main prize each year, and such annual excitement is really what cricket is all about.

     In this article, we tried to slightly open the curtain and give you an idea of how the IPL tournaments work and what kind of people are involved in them. Only people known to the public, with sufficient financial background can buy a share in owning one of the major league teams and become an owner of an IPL team. Many of such people are celebrity owners.

     Needless to say that visiting one of those annual events will not leave you indifferent.