Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

Which Is Your Favourite Team in IPL 2021


If you live in India and are a cricket fan, you certainly have heard the question “Which is your favorite team in IPL?” multiple times. It is only in our nature to measure everything by good or bad, best or worst, favorite – unfavourite. But hey, that makes us human, right? 

Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

As of now, Google is the main source of information. It is a common thing to take your smartphone and ask the browser for anything that bothers you right now. So, after performing some analytical and statistical activities we have determined the most popular inquiry in Google during each new IPL season.

Neural networks and the IPL

Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

Somehow, we trust this neural network. It has all the answers (if you know where to look, that is), solutions to most of your problems. Every day Google provides people with terabytes of information. It’s like you have it all here, in your pocket. All you have to do is reach it. 

We are so heavily surrounded by new technologies with artificial intelligence that it has become a custom for us to even ask their opinion. With the IPL for example, the most common request is “Hey Google which is your favorite team in IPL?”. ‘Hey Google’ part is present here just because people get so lazy and bored that they use the voice navigation in their smartphones. Well, you all get how it works. Needless to say, that Google as a system does not have its own “opinion”, but rather uses predefined algorithms and statistical data. But who cares, right? As long as it gets the job done.

The beginning of the new 2021 IPL season created such a resonance that all searching platforms bust with excitement and interest. The result was unexpected, just like twists and turns during almost all matches. The recent COVID situation seemed to have little influence on the venue.

The tournament ran smoothly and those who closely watched all matches naturally turned to Google for answers. As we know people’s favors change too quickly. That’s why the “Audience Award” shifts from one franchise to another during the course of the league. And no one wants to trail too far behind, don’t they?

The IPL connects people. With every upcoming season more and more fans gather around the streams of matches. More and more people google details about the rules of the game, most renowned cricketers, franchises, and the IPL itself. People pay for subscriptions to be able to watch their favorite team play, while they are on transport or vacation. Foreigners come to India to watch the games at the stadiums, and the country's economy wins here as well. YouTube reports state that while the season runs, IPL matches become the most viewed videos on the platform. The rumor has it that the World Cup is far behind those numbers.

So, which IS the favorite?

Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

Google has its eye on everything now. And everyone uses it. Would it be the receipt of a cake you forgot and need reminding of or getting the new IPL statistics – Google has it. IPL is the greatest sports event that bonds people from all over the world. Its ratings are monstrous and the tension during matches is high. The main enigma of each season is that the composition of teams and even players change every year during the auction.

So, if you ask now “Ok Google, which is your favorite team in IPL 2021?” the answer will be – Chennai Super Kings. However, it’s not Google’s favorite exactly (remember it has no feelings). The team is just very strong and is always talked about – too many stories, pieces of news, articles, interviews, etc. CSK has reached the Qualifiers in every season since 2008. Google just shows them in the first position when listing the franchises – because of all the above mentioned. Well, plus they won the IPL 2021 – that fact might have contributed a little.  

So how does this all work?

Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

There are eight IPL franchises, and all of them are quite tough and have some eminent players on their side. How do you choose which is the best? Google calculates the records of the teams, individual performances of all players in different matches. People contribute to this system by building independent statistics of their favorite players and teams and posting them online.

The peculiar thing is that CSK brought home 4 titles, while Mumbai Indians brought 5. And still, Chennai Super Kings are in the first place! That’s because it is not all about winning. Royal Challengers Bangalore are in the third position, though they have never taken first place.

The start of the CSK franchise was rather slow. First two years were quite tough for them, and the matches were marked by rather slow performance. However, right about 2010 they started taking records all other teams only tried to follow. As of now, Chennai Super Kings hold leading positions in many aspects. They have been regarded by Brand Finance as the most valuable brand after their win in the 2018 IPL season. The total amount reached 65 million USD. The only salaries of the cricketers playing with CSK are mind breaking; but so are the names really: Suresh Raina, Faf du Plessis, MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja – those are only a few of them.

The franchise has been mixed in all sorts of things during 14 years of IPL tournaments. They had marvelous victories, broken and set records, falls, and uprisings. In 2013 they were even involved in a scandal which resulted in a two-year suspension. Some people got serious charges from the police for sport-fixing and being directed by the bookies that year.

This might be a good recipe for success – loads of talent, a couple of major victories, a dozen of smaller ones, some good players, and an ounce of a huge scandal. Now you got it – the Google favorite’s IPL team on a plate.


This article is just one more reason to think about how technologies influence our life; to silently speculate about why we spend so much time on the Internet instead of talking to each other; and to finally become still with fear of the future, imagining how we all are going to be enslaved by neural networks, vicious robots, and artificial intelligence… Only joking. Of course, it’s about IPL! 

Or is it?

Now, which is your favorite IPL team? 😉

Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL