How To Download PUBG Mobile Global Version in India. Step By Step Guide 2021

pubg mobile download after ban

How to Download PUBG Mobile APK after Ban In India

How To Download PUBG Mobile Global Version in India. Step By Step Guide 2021

Ban Reasons

Right about half a year ago PUBG Mobile has revealed on its official Twitter page that the Indian game servers were going down for an indefinite period of time, which caused quite a social outrage. The official statement was quoting the decree of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India and something dealing with the user data management. Anyway, the fact remains – the game does not work till now. The update was promised, but still never came.

The below information will reveal how to download pubg after ban in India.

PlayMarket and AppStore

Typing “pubg” in the play store won’t surprise you with any results. Back in the day one could turn to their PlayStore or AppStore account and download the game, while today that appears to be impossible, since pubg mobile was deleted from all platforms in India. And with respect to the promised Erangle 2.0 map update right before the ban – the situation becomes twice as painful. 

How To Download PUBG Mobile Global Version in India. Step By Step Guide 2021

How to download PUBG Mobile in India after ban

There are not so many things in the world that will stop a devoted gamer from finding a solution to play their favorite game in the most dreadful circumstances; and such a thing as a nation-wide ban is not an exception. So how can one deal with the issue and perform pubg mobile download after ban?


Choosing one of the numerous VPN apps available for Android or iOS may save a not-so-confident user from troubles of downloading separate files and dealing with extensions. Once you choose one and install it, the private connection will substitute your existing IP address with the IP address of another country, allowing you to rejoice in playing your favorite PUBG Mobile game in no time. Some experienced gamers also recommend using VPN even if there is no urgent necessity for two reasons: higher connection speed which will improve the game performance and may be beneficial for streaming purposes and user’s anonymity.

The cons of such a method however is that the majority of VPN apps require payment, or contain ads, which can interrupt your gaming process. As well, using VPN in some countries may get you in serious trouble with local government bodies. There is a list of countries which for any of several reasons have completely or partially banned the usage of VPN services. Luckily, India is not in that list, so using VPN here is safe. But how to download pubg after ban without vpn?

Other sources

Of course, there are other options. It is still possible for players to get the PUBG update by following a set of simple steps. One can easily enough do it by downloading the PUBG Mobile APK and OBB files. After which users can place these files into the installation folder of the game. It is worth mentioning that such an approach is only possible for Android users. iPhone and iPad lovers will have to figure out a different solution (for example using VPN and downloading a full game from amazon, etc). Moreover, this method is fully within the constraints of the law, as you access only the original installation file with the help of third-party app providers. After you download the files (you might wanna google the sources, or use some of the gaming telegram channels), install the AKP one and then copy the obb files to the game directory. Such method is also applicable if you’re looking for how to download pubg lite after ban.

Conclusion (Disclaimer)

Game bans can be a real pain in the neck sometimes. And the public interest in finding solutions to bypass such bans is only a natural thing. However, it is important to state that we don’t urge you to download game files from any other sources except for PlayMarket and AppStore. The article is merely informational and is aimed at giving you a hint on how to download pubg after ban.

How To Download PUBG Mobile Global Version in India. Step By Step Guide 2021