How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

How To Get Free 1000 Diamonds Daily In Garena Free Fire Account

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

If you came here, there is probably not much use in explaining questions like what the diamonds in the free fire game are. These diamonds are like game currency gold coins – the most essential part of the game downloads. Little devils are highly desired by the gamers, which look for any methods to get as much as possible of those game items (that is if one wants to play like a pro). The main problem is that the diamonds in a free fire are pretty hard to come by and somewhat expensive; as well not all gamers can afford to spend real money on them or participate in all game events. So, what trick can be done? How to get free diamonds in a free fire video games? This article is aimed at giving answers.

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

Players as a rule purchase daily diamonds from codes, in-game shops or external websites. Using the unlimited diamonds one can improve the look of the character, buy rare weapon skins, clothing items, weapons, pets, and other premium stuff. There are some legit methods that might help you to trick the system and avoid spending your hard-earned real money and still have a full experience from playing the game.

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

How to get free unlimited diamonds in a free fire without top-up

While ‘googling’ your way through this issue, you will find many solutions. However, not all of them are safe. Some actions may result in an indefinite account ban and you need to do human verification prompt. Below, there are several hack methods you may find useful and safe.

Refer and Earn apps

Refer and earn third-party apps can be also used to get free 300 diamonds daily time and it is not illegal method. A good number of apps is present on the google play store, which have features like refer and earn. With the help of such diamond hack, you have a greater chance of getting many free fire diamonds.

Free fire program for partners

The partner programs are a relevantly easy way to earn some free diamonds in time. It is possible to receive up to 1500 diamonds monthly. One just needs to adhere to the following criteria to become a member of the partner program: to be an owner of a youtube gaming channel with content related to free fire and to have not less than 10000 subscribers. 

Online survey apps

Online survey apps and websites can make you a fortune. If you desire to ‘cash out’ about 25k of diamonds – this is your method. Google play store may help you to choose the right online survey app or websites. The idea is that you complete surveys for money in one of these “free diamond apps” and then spend the available funds to buy the diamonds and gun skins in the game.

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

Earning programs

The free fire game also provides in-game programs, which much likely offer rewards in the form of diamonds. Such programs appear only during the festival period. The game often runs the event named “Watch ads and earn diamonds”. All you need to do is watch a couple of ads and get your free diamonds or coins in the result. Just wait for similar events to earn extra diamonds legitimately.

Redeem codes

Applying a redeem code is a simple way to get free diamonds in a free fire. In such a way you will be able to quickly add a hundred additional diamonds to your account without any top-up. You can obtain redeem codes from the official pages of free fire in social networks; as well, one can join the server dedicated to free fire in discord and receive active codes there.

Free fire free diamonds with the help of a diamonds generator

To earn about 1k of diamonds right away, it might be beneficial to use a tool like the “free fire diamonds generator”. However, the Internet is full of false generators, and it may be difficult to find which one is real, so you better watch out and don`t trust cheap rate.

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up

Affiliate programs

All stores for eCommerce and online shopping have affiliate programs. Money can be earned while promoting their products, and the most satisfying thing – there is no end to this. You can earn money without a limit. Some of such programs offer a possibility to receive a gift voucher rather than money. Using such a gift cards will let you get the desired free diamonds in a free fire battle.


This article contains safe and legit methods to get free diamonds in free fire and is a structured opinion of experienced gamers. If this article was supportive – please, share it with your buddies.

Stay safe and keep on playing.

How to get 1000 diamonds in Free Fire without Top Up