How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [100% Working]

How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [100% Working]

Google Pay: How To Get A Rangoli Stamp And Grab The Prize

How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [100% Working]


Great news! Users of Google Pay services now have a new feature, it is a possibility to get a prize of ₹251 and another award of about 1 lakh in cash. It's high time to get the money and share a method with friends. The corporation started a new event dedicated to the Diwali festival. The idea is that there are 5 stamps that customers must collect. They are: Flower, Jhumka, Rangoli, Diya, and Lanterns. Before the middle of the night on the 31st of October, one has to gather them all and collect the assured prize of 251 Rs which will be cashed out via bank details linked to the user's account. In addition, using the method of a random draw, Google will choose the fortunate winner on the 1st of November.

How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [100% Working] How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [100% Working]

However, the thing gets tricky. All indications show that it may be a little complicated to obtain one sneaky emblem. Stamp named Rangoli for Google Pay is like a top item in a game quest, if you know what we mean. With that said, below we provide 5 of our favored methods to help you get rangoli in favorite payment app. Read them carefully.

5 Methods

1st method:

Firstly, choose the Add Money Option on the Paytm app.

Go ahead and credit the wallet with ₹35 or more.

For replenishing the wallet use the Google Pay interface.

In the end, you will possibly receive the Flower or Rangoli Stamp.

2nd method:

Install a couple of retail shopping apps (e.g. Flipkart or Amazon).

Choose an item to buy with the price of ₹35 or more.

In the “payment options” field, pick UPI of BHIM but place your Google pay details in the address bar.

In case of success, it is pretty much possible for you to obtain the Rangoli or Flower stamp.

If following the experience of other users, if you cancel the order – the refund will follow, but the stamp will not disappear.

3rd method:

Pick the “Bill Payment” option in Google Pay.

Pay about ₹200 or more for the electricity consumption or recharge the satellite television service with ₹150 or more.

After this, the rangoli stamp is likely to appear.

4th method:

In this technique, the main thing is the presence of a Business QR Code, irrespectively of the type of the app (PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.). So, obtain the QR code.

Save it on your Phone.

With the help of QR Scanner Go on Google Pay platform scan the code.

Pay any amount from ₹35 for 5 times to raise the stakes at getting the Rangoli stamp.

5th method:

Search in google and download the CRED App.

Open the app, register, sign in and add your credit card details.

After which, pay a bill with the Google Pay upi using this card.

Get lucky in receiving the Rangoli stamp as a probable reward.

How To

There is a chance that the batch of rangoli stamps has been limited by no one else but Google themselves, which did not make the challenge of how to get rangoli stamp in gpay too easy. Without regard to the event functionality where people can actually exchange the stamps with their friends, many users still do not know how to get rangoli stamp. In the even rules, Google instructs customers to get the stamps by transferring funds of ₹33 and more or by scanning festive items. However, that is not much of a help. Especially now, when the demand for stamps is very high. You are still likely to face difficulties in finding the Rangoli stamp and add it to the rest of your collection. So, one of the above-mentioned methods might come in handy if you struggle with how to get a rangoli stamp in gpay.


Anyway, it should be noted that the described techniques do not 100% work in all cases, and it is a simple matter of luck whether you get a long-desired stamp and receive a certain bonus of 251 Rs or the entire jackpot prize of 1 lakh in the result of that Google pay initiative. We would gladly have answered how to collect rangoli stamps in google pay for sure, however, we are not one hundred percent positive, and the application algorithms work against us. Some people claim the methods helped; some argue they do not work. So, if you discover any working technique or fit method, that is different from the ones in this article, or other products to use, and will be able to recommend it – please, share it in the comments.

How to Get Rangoli Stamp In Google Pay [100% Working]