How to go crazy or the top of the Biggest Bets

How to go crazy or the top of the Biggest Bets

Biggest Bets

We have prepared for you capturing stories full of risk about the biggest and the most interesting bets ever made in our hot top:

1) Archie Karas’ and his $17 million

This story lasted for 3 years. The waiter from Greece was absolutely ravaged. Having borrowed $10,000, he tried his luck in poker. Binion’s Horseshoe in Las Vegas became a place of his triumph because he competed with15 the best players of that time. The waiter decided not to stop and rolled the dice, turning his thousands of dollars into $17 million. Finally, after endless betting, he settled down and paid all his debts.

2) Putting the house on the line

The avid fan of Tottenham decided to impress his girlfriend in September 2001 by betting his house on the Soccer Match with Manchester United. He was absolutely sure in his luck because the 3-0 score was very hopeful. However, Tom Brady’s comeback ruined the gambler’s plans after 5 goals scored by Manchester, living him homeless and lonely.

3) Odds of 6,479 to 1: how a Welshman risked

 1989 was a crucial year for a Welshman, who bet on such interesting things: 1) Cliff Richard would become a knight; 2) Bono and U2 will still be together; 3) Eastenders, Australian shows Home and Away and Neighbors would be on TV. And the bet would be relevant till the year 2000. After all, English readers got $200,000, being fairly paid out.

4) Illegal betting in Asia and $75 million

The 1990s were quite difficult times for football matches, because of organized criminals controlling betting processes. Bookmakers had to pay $75 million for the final score, which took place due to remote control, used to spoil the field’s spotlights.

5) How to gamble on your own horse

Mike Futter from Ireland is a very popular gambling man, who prefers to bet on horse races. In 2005 he bet on Monty’s Pass in the Grand National. He won $1.3 million that day, from $6,000 to more than $12,000 for every bet. Well-known Derbies like Kentucky, Belmont or Preakness have never beaten such gambling record.

6) Just roll the dice and win one million!

William Lee Bergstrom, Texas trader, and horse enthusiast was nicknamed in Las Vegas as the “Suitcase Man”. In 1980 he visited Binion’s Gambling Hall with a brilliant idea to match only every first wager and not any other bet. He had two suitcases with money. The first one was filled with $777,000, which helped him to win. After that, he turned back with $1 million, but this time he lost. Afterward, he committed suicide, but it is still not clear, whether the reason was the lost lover or gambling, because he still had more than half of million dollars. He asked to call him the “phantom gambler at the Horseshoe” Casino.

7) Lost bets for $125 million

Zhenli Ye Gon is one of the biggest gambling losers of all times with $125 million lost bets in Las Vegas casinos. However, all that money was gained from illegal drug deals, imprisoning Mr. Ye for a very long time. More than $200 million in cash and assets were found in his house in Mexico City after the raid. People believe that he had the largest wager ever.

8) Terrance Watanabe and Caesars Palace

Terrance Watanabe, a Midwestern businessman, become a national “sensation” in 2007. He just lost $127 million in the casino, which he had been earning for 20 years. Who knows, maybe sports betting would not play such a bad trick with him.

9) Just $15 million

Of course, at the beginning of the 1900s money had totally different values than today. In 1903 the group of professional gambling men the Hermit’s Pride, betting on horses, won almost $15 million for today’s equivalent.

10) Sad story and the English Channel

In 1875 the English Channel was swimming across for the first time by Captain Matthew Webb. He was lack of money and a $10,000 bet was very attractive for him. Trying to swim across Whirlpool below Niagra Falls, the captain vanished without a trace.

11) Kerry Packers’ biggest bet

Kerry Packer, the Australian media tycoon and gambling man, had friendly relations with Jon Prices. They discussed gambling strategies all the time. However, it did not save him from the loss of $50 million during a year in casinos with the worst streak of $28 million in London, England, in 1999.  

12) Mattress Mack and $3.5 million on the Astros

Mattress Mack, furniture businessman and Huston Astros fan, promised to present free furniture to his clients if the Astros won world series in 2019. He decided to use the insurance policy in case of failure. The Astros lost to the Washington Nationals in seven games. However, Mack’s biggest bets in Biloxi, Mississippi and in Atlantic City, New Jersey were not cashed in.