How to please bookmakers: 10 bad tips to forget about victories

Worst betting advice

Worst betting advice

Sports betting has long been popular. Now interest in it is growing even more: games in bookmakers have become more accessible, and e-sports "refreshed" the bettors' excitement. Each player has his own plan of action. Many people rush to the bookmakers when an obvious leader or loser appears in the upcoming event. But can this approach be right? 

If the amount of extra money haunts you and your goal is to get rid of it as soon as possible, then these tips are for you! And those who want to avoid major losses will have to follow them exactly the opposite. So let's find out how to waste all the money on betting and how to prevent this from happening.

1. Change the size of the rates! The more often the better. And preferably randomly. Only weaklings raise bets when things are going well, and think about lowering them after a few flops. Especially, cowards, they can even have a pause in betting! But we are not afraid to lose money. We will bet the amounts that first came to mind, and the messier it is the more fun. A clear plan, thought out in advance, let the same weaklings follow.

Seriously, you still need a plan. It is important to be clear about what you are doing and why. Strategies can and should be changed, learned, and tried new schemes. What brought victory after victory a year ago will not necessarily work now. Bookmakers are also not particularly fond of parting with money, so they are constantly looking for their weaknesses and strengthening them. New strategies can be tested virtually without fear of losing a cent of real money.

2. Tough financial times? It's time to go to the office! Do not be afraid to bring the last money to the bookmakers, and if there is none, then you can borrow. This is obvious ‒ the larger the bet, the more substantial the win. How can you win millions if you only use "extra" money? Imagine how happy the family will be when they find out for what business all the supplies from the family budget were taken! With such and such a bet, the win is definitely guaranteed! And if not ... well, it's not scary, banks and credit firms will kindly lend, even without collateral. Yes, something about interest will be written there, but it doesn't matter ‒ the win will cover everything.

Seriously, gambling with money that you would be sorry to lose is a bad idea. The amount allocated for bets should not be overpriced. Do not deny yourself something for the sake of another game. It should be remembered that fortune is an unstable thing, and even if you hang yourself with all the talismans, there is a chance to lose. Better a little joy in a modest gain than a deep disappointment in a big loss.

3. You can only trust yourself! And it is better not to reason, but to intuition. You never know what others advise. So they let them do the calculation and analysis, look for information about the participants and spend their time on other nonsense. The inner voice insistently suggests using his services and making a bet at random. Ideally, build an express train. And to make the winnings fatter, we take several events at once, the more the better. Naturally, in this case, we use only our own senses.

Seriously, a lot of people have lost on express trains. But few have drawn conclusions. After all, winning 20 times more than the bet looks more tempting than 2 times, for example. But in the end, with the constant play of express bets, you can lose your deposit. It's all the fault of the margin. In a single event, it varies from 2 to 10 percent, but in combined rates, it can reach 40 percent. There is little chance of winning in this situation.

4. Why bet when sober when you still have to celebrate a win? There is much more fun with a glass of alcohol, and the previously mentioned intuition sounds louder. Don't you drink? Wonderful! Another great option is to make a bet after a hard day at work. The heavier it was, the better. The game will definitely cheer you up.

Seriously, not only luck is important in betting, but also attentiveness. This is not a lottery where you can rely on a matter of chance. If you do not want to lose, think over the plan in advance and place your bets with a fresh mind. Sometimes common sense dictates that it is better to postpone the game altogether ‒ and it is not wrong.

5. If you listen to someone else's opinion, then only to those specialists who win in almost every bet. Only losers can argue that this does not happen. Everyone knows ‒ advertising cannot lie! And if the person from the monitor promises to help you with a forecast with a 100% guarantee for some symbolic amount, then it will help. He would have helped for free, but for some reason, free work does not inspire confidence, and he is a master! Yes, and it is not a pity for such a case, some five dollars, now not a single bet will remain unplayed.

Seriously, neither psychics nor great specialists can give guarantees for a specific outcome of events. Yes, there are experienced players who win most of the time. But 70% of winnings and more is rather a myth than reality. If you do not want to lose money twice ‒ on a failure rate and on paying for the services of an "expert", think about whether you need such "help".

6. As we have already said, advertising cannot lie. But all these experts who share their experiences for free are still fools. Why read long articles about how and why their bet did not work? And if you ponder over the reasons for being unlucky for a long time, you can also bring it on. Thoughts are material!

Seriously, it is necessary to increase literacy in this matter. In the public domain, you can find a lot of useful information, forecasts, and announcements. And by spending a little time analyzing the mistakes of experienced players, you can well reduce the number of your own failures.

7. If there are large coefficients, they must be taken urgently. Why waste time on trifles? This is a great chance to get rich instantly. Of course, no one is immune from defeat, but what if you get lucky? In the end, someday it will work and cover all previously lost amounts.

Seriously, there is a chance to win, but it is worth considering that there is a reason why bookmakers have spoken such a quote. If you really want to try your luck and become that very rare lucky, it is better to bet a small amount that will not cause significant damage in case of loss.

8. In no case should you give up! If the loss is already the tenth in a row, this should only provoke and motivate to play more! Fate is challenging, but you need to pass this test of strength with dignity. Let everyone see that you are not afraid of difficulties and do not intend to go astray. It's okay that there are debts and loans. But in the eyes of those around you, you are a fearless hero!

Seriously: Don't try to recoup. Yes, after a loss, not the best emotions are overwhelmed. For some players, even a minor loss is upsetting. On emotions, the losing bettors make rash bets ‒ it doesn't matter on whom and on what, the main thing is to somehow recapture the losses. And for some reason, they do not fight back, and new defeats force more and more impulsive bets to be made. It is important to be able to stop, get distracted, and continue to play with fresh thoughts. A short break will be beneficial, this time can be used to learn useful information and develop new strategies. Remember that no one is immune from the fiasco. You need to learn to relate to defeat more calmly. Even professionals sometimes fail. It happens that losses take place one after another, emptying the bankroll before our eyes. Keep calm and remember that bad things won't last forever.

9. Signs never lie, like advertising. If you are unlucky, the higher powers are definitely to blame. No need to waste time preparing a bet. Just try standing on your other foot or wearing a different color of socks next time. Someday it will definitely work, and you will be able to become the very “specialist” who will help you win for a nominal fee.

Seriously: no, it doesn't work that way. You need to understand why you are betting at all. Based on this, a strategy will be chosen. For fun and for making money, the plan of action can differ significantly. No dances with a tambourine will help you win if you do not approach the matter wisely.

10. And now seriously. Experts advise against betting on events that are too popular. The hype around the event leads to underestimation of the odds ‒ players will still bet money, bookmakers do not need to offer high odds. It is also helpful to pick one or two tournaments that you know best. The odds of winning will be higher than in ten unfamiliar leagues. Let the bets be less frequent and it will take a lot of time to study useful information, but you will be able to predict almost all the outcomes in the game.

Betting leaves no one without emotions: euphoria from victories, anger from defeats, adrenaline before a bet. But not indifference. Believe in your luck, but remember to improve your literacy and stay interested in the latest news.