How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

Top Apps and Websites to Watch IPL Live


In the modern world we do not always have time to just lean back, relax and watch the long-awaited game. You might be in public transport, car, or just on the run when your favorite team is out on the field. So, if you are struggling with how to watch IPL live on your phone or any other device, we’ve built up a list of solutions and web-sources to help you do this in a costly and resourceful way. 

Best Apps to Watch IPL Live

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of 8 variants aimed at helping you connect to the IPL live streaming free of charge. All is checked and working, no shady schemes.

Hotstar (Disney+)

How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

Hotstar is the Indian variant of the Disney video streaming platform which offers a couple of subscription variants. So, in order to watch IPL matches you can get a VIP package for 399 rupees/12 months, or a Premium one for 1499 rupees/12 months. They accept different kinds of e-commerce payments – VISA/MC, electronic wallets or Internet banking. Moreover, the subscriptions are available via Airtel or Jio telecom service providers at their local stores by cash or card. In the footer of the article, you will find a couple of clues to get a subscription for free. 

The VIP and Premium plans have some differences. Apart from the price of course:

The VIP package will get you a one-device access for watching sports, news, paid movies and videos. Moreover, your streaming experience can sometimes be interrupted by advertisements. However, this is the best quality/price combination.

If you are irritated by advertisements and need a couple of devices, be hooked up on Hotstar – the Platinum subscription is right for you. In addition to the set of VIP perks, with this package, you will get special access to the content yet unreleased on TV, along with the extended choice of movies.

Apart from IPL the Hotstar service is full of other good stuff, like TV series, movies, videos and tons of other content. No subscription is needed for connections from India.

For mobile devices, the Hotstar application can be obtained from the respective stores (AppStore and Google Play).


How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

Cricket lovers, who are signed up to Airtel will be quite surprised by the fact that the company has now a special offer for IPL streaming. This option is closely connected to the previous one. For just 399₹ you will get the abovementioned Hotstar VIP package by acquiring it in person at your local Airtel store or downloading the AirtelTV app (here is the link for convenience ).

If you are willing to pay a little more, for 599₹ in addition to the Hotstar VIP package, Airtel offers its Xstream Premium subscription along with the 1,5 months of calls. That one comes a little tricky, as the duration of such a subscription is 1,5 months instead of 12 and the daily traffic is limited to 2Gb. You can learn more by following this link

However, those two are not the only Airtel offers to have the IPL streaming option.

How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV


How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

Another IPL live streaming app is JioTV, the solution of the Indian telecommunications company which has the contractual consent to offer Hotstar (Disney+) services. Same as the two previous options, 399₹ will get you the Hotstar VIP package for 12 months. You can browse the sports channels on mobile by downloading the app from the store.

The solution developers formed a couple more packages, the full list of which can be found below.

How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

Note: To save traffic, you can consider lowering the quality of the streaming player. In such a way you will be able to watch more matches staying within your data package.

Jio Fiber and JioPostPaid Plus.

How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

With Jio Fiber and JioPostPaid Plus offers you will get the answer on how to watch IPL live in no time. The offers have several plans, each of which includes a free IPL streaming option. Good old 399₹ will give you up to 75 Gb of traffic on PostPaid Plus. But that’s not all of it. The package includes free access to such platforms as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with 200 Gb of data in total.

The JioFiber on the other hand will provide you with some choices with an unlimited amount of downloaded data:

  • Gold ‒ 1000₹, 150 Mbps
  • Diamond – 1500₹, 300 Mbps
  • Diamond Plus ‒ 2500₹, 500 Mbps
  • Platinum ‒ 4000₹, 1Gbps

Vi (Vodafone + Idea)

How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

We have sorted out the four best Vi plans with Hotstar subscriptions which are both practical and cost-efficient:

  • the 401₹ plan will hook you up for a month of the standard VIP Hotstar (Disney+) package subscription along with 100Gb of 4G traffic. Once used, you will get 16Gb with a daily limit of 3Gb. As a bonus, in addition to all of that, you get Vi Movies and TV Classic access.
  • the 501₹ will give you 1,5 months of the VIP Hotstar package, 75Gb of 4G and no download traffic limit, no free calls but with Vi Movies and TV Classic access as a bonus.
  • the 601₹ plan includes the same VIP Hotstar subscription, but with more 4G traffic (200Gb+32Gb) and free calls without limitation. As a bonus, in addition to all of that, you get Vi Movies and TV Classic access. The plan duration is 1,5 months.
  • the 401₹ plan package is 3 months of the standard VIP Hotstar (Disney+) package subscription along with 300Gb of 4G traffic + 48Gb with a daily limit of 3Gb. As a bonus, in addition to all of that, you get Vi Movies and TV Classic access.

Tata Sky (Direct to Home)

How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

If you don’t have the Tata Sky “Direct to Home” connection, you might as well think about getting one. All you need is to subscribe to the sports plan in your Tata account, download the Tata Sky application for mobile phones or smart TVs from Apple Store or Google Play and link it to your home account. That is one of the best apps to watch live IPL.  


How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

One of the not-so-many solutions that make it possible to watch Indian content from all over the world. The YuppTV app for smartphones has a user-friendly interface and simple functionality to watch your favorite teams rock on the field. The prices however may be a little higher than in the previous offers: a monthly subscription will cost you 730₹, 6 months ‒ 4000₹, annual ‒ 7300₹.


How to Watch IPL Live in 2021 Streaming on Mobile and TV

Willow is the American paid sports channel that is fully devoted to the broadcast of foreign sports matches. Willow channel for cricket is being run through the satellite and the Dish network. The IPTV called “SlingTV” is included in many international packages in the Indian language. Willow holds exclusive rights for the translation of some major cricket events worldwide. Nationals, IPL, and ICC are among them. Moreover, the company is the partner of almost all cricket associations in the world.

The streaming application can be installed on all devices with Windows, Android, IOS, as well as on Smart TVs. As was mentioned above, IPTV, cable, and satellite connections are also available. Following this link, you will be able to see all Willow TV options.

Other applications

Some of the below solutions may have the IPL streaming functionality. They are not official and the coverage is also unknown:

  • Oreo TV 
  • Thop TV

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number of devices that can be linked to a Hotstar account?

No more than two devices can be linked at once, but there is a tricky thing. If you play the premium video, another device won’t be able to access it. The app will give you an error stating that one request has already been done. There is no way to fix this, unfortunately.

How to watch IPL live in the USA?

Hotstar is a Disney project. And with Disney being an American company, you should have no problems watching IPL in the USA. However, the apps like YuppTV and Willow TV from the above list can help you as well.

Is it possible to link Hotstar with TV?

Sure, it is. One of the following three options will help you:

1. Amazon fire tv stick will connect two devices. Those can be a laptop and a TV

2. A screen demonstration can be enabled with the help of Google Chrome on your device so you can “mirror” it to the TV.

3. HDMI cable connection between your laptop and TV will do the trick.

Can I omit using Hotstar to watch IPL?

If you are in India, then Hotstar is a 100% working method. An outsider of the country, as it was said previously, Yupp TV and Willow TV are your options. Those platforms stream IPL matches on an official basis. The description of such solutions as Oreo TV and Thop TV states that the IPL streaming is also included. However, some sources claim that to be not true.


When there is a will, there is a way. The above list of working methods for watching IPL live was built up so that you would stop spending hours googling “ipl live streaming free online watch”. Everything is far simpler.

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