Instagram Summer Challenges

Instagram Summer Challenges

Summer is far back but here is something we can recall from that warm time that is something bright and crazy. We have for you a couple of ideas captured on Instagram:


Drake’s song “In My Feelings” became an absolute hit that summer and turned into a dangerous flash mob. The first to jump out of the car and start dancing on camera is the comedian Shiggy, and then similar videos appeared on Instagram with Millie Bobby Brown, Will Smith, Ciara, 6ix9ine and other celebrities. People from all over the world quickly joined the challenge and began to lay out their versions of the declaration of love for Kiki, Drake's ex-girlfriend.


The participants of this flash mob to the music from the movie "Matilda" demonstrate their abilities in telekinesis. Not everyone can move objects with their eyes, therefore Photoshop, the help of your friends, and invisible fishing line have come in handy. The star of the film "Matilda" appreciated the efforts of users of Twitter and Instagram and now actively uploads the best works on her social networks.


It seems that in the beauty blogging a crisis has come - to collect views and likes, make-up artists began to shoot their pets. Girls ask animals what makeup cosmetics to choose today. Unusual make-up + cute animals in the frame can not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated viewers. 


In early summer, Luis Fonsi, author of the “Despacito”, suggested that subscribers challenge his dance in the video for the song “Calypso” and record their versions. This guy knows how to “ignite” a planet with one track. The flash mob was supported by hundreds of people from all over the world. The singer posted the most memorable videos on his Instagram.