MIT Students Set A New Hot Dog Record

Have you ever wondered what the students of prestigious universities do? They study all day, try to make discoveries, prove theories and self-develop? Yeah, of course...

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a university and research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. One of the most prestigious technical educational institutions in the USA and the world.

And here we are, MIT students set a new record! A record for longest hot dog toss...

Two students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) broke the Guinness book world record by deciding to demonstrate their softball skills.

Softball is a type of baseball. A softball ball resembles a grapefruit in size, it is softer than a baseball and has a lower flying speed.

However, instead of the ball, the entertainers decided to use sausages in buns.

Amber VanHemel, who is pursuing a master’s degree at MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and former softball teammate, Phoebe Li, a junior at MIT and full-throated supporter of such an endeavor fell into the record book in the category "the longest hot dog throw and capture". Lee managed to throw a sausage at a distance of 36 meters and 59 centimeters!

“These two are just great,” - says the commentary on the photo record holder on the MIT page. To document the record, VanHemel asked her former softball teammate to record it on video.

As a result of the efforts, the girls were able to break the record that two guys set this summer - David Rush and Jake Smith. It was only 32 meters and 106 centimeters or 105 feet and 4 inches


Before setting a record, both students practiced a lot. Also, there was Guinness’s strict rules and requirements for such an attempt. To secure the world record, the meat caught inside of a bun would need to be a certain length: a frankfurter anywhere from 5½ to 7 inches long and fully cooked.

“We practiced, I think, three distinct times for about an hour or an hour and a half,” - said VanHemel. Also, it was very funny seeing a girl who was in Market Basket getting a lot of weird looks measuring hot dogs with a measuring tape.

And finally, the inevitable practice sessions — tossing, and tossing, and tossing hot dogs from longer and longer distances, while the receiver stood far away with an open bun trying to catch the flailing, airborne sausage.

They approached the matter with a sense, arrangement and even made sure that the sausages for the throw had a certain length from 14 to 18 centimeters.

The girls' hot dogs told that all the documents to gain a record were handed over to the Guinness jury. They had to document every step of the preparation, all their attempts, shoot it on video, send out commissions, and only after several weeks of reviewing the application they were able to officially set a new record. 

For VanHemel and Li, that meant enlisting the help of a professional land surveyor to record the distance of the thrown hot dog, as well as an MIT faculty member to handle some of the logistics for the challenge. They also set up a live-stream of the event at Briggs Field in Cambridge and invited dozens of people to bear witness and testify on their behalf.

Everything was finally ready. With a GoPro camera on her head, VanHemel started throwing hot dogs at a distance.

It took more than 20 attempts to break the record. Although the dog often disintegrated in the air. The broken hot dog doesn't count.

MIT celebrated Li’s and VanHemel’s unofficial achievements this week by posting announcements on Twitter.

“Hot dog!” officials from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering wrote. “Another world record SHATTERED at #MIT!”

This is what happens in prestigious universities. And then you wonder why the global crisis is not resolved. Well, this is all a joke, of course. But we are glad that people can afford all these follies and passions. Everyone needs a vacation, and such a rest also entertains a crowd of people! Cheers for Guinness world record hottest girls!