The 10 best board games for the Holidays: for adults, families and two players

The 10 best board games for the Holidays: for adults, families and two players

         If you haven’t tried playing board games with your friends or relatives yet, then you have lost a lot. If it seems to you that you already have enough communication, then, believe me, such communication, which appears during the game, does not happen often. It is especially useful to sit down at the gambling table for those who want to build trust or make peace.

This is one of the reasons why board games do not lose their popularity in the era of the Internet and gadgets. This is ideal for gathering all your loved ones in one place.

How to have fun celebrating Holidays with family or friends? A selection of 10 board games

      But how to choose a game, because there are so many of them and they are all different? After all, some offer more aggressive and competitive gameplay, while others are based on cooperation and joint action. It is to make it easier for you to understand, this article was prepared. Read on to find out more about the best board games.

1. Cosmic Encounter

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

       In this board game, players lead one of the fifty space races. The main goal is to create five colonies on alien planets. Each race has its unique ability, and, of course, the difficulty of the game depends on them. After all, it is easier for one character to make decisions and build tactics, while others can be much more difficult. Therefore, they are all divided into three levels. Before the start of the game, players can, using the recommendations in the rules, select races in such a way as to form a balance in the game.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

       The gameplay is inherently quite simple. Each participant starts with their own set of five planets and a fleet of 20 spaceships. At the start of the turn, the player receives two technology cards and can learn one of them. After that, he must open a card of fate, which will decide on whose planet his ships will go. Then the player chooses the number of ships that will participate in the expedition. In the meantime, other players can form an alliance. For the help provided, the players receive cards, and if they find themselves in the composition of the attacking winners, they will also form their colonies on the captured planet.

      To win, you need to create five colonies on foreign planets. 3-5 players can participate.

2. Photosynthesis

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

      This is a very interesting and colorful strategy game in which the task is to give your trees and seeds the maximum sunlight, complete their life cycle faster and get as many points as possible while the sun makes three circles around the forest.

     Each player chooses one of four types of trees. In the center of the table, there is a playing field – a forest, an edge, and a river. There are special places marked on the field where trees can be planted. To the side of the board are stacks of tokens with points and a huge sun tile.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     After the sun has passed three cycles, the players calculate the points. Additional points are awarded for unused light tokens. The player with the most points is the winner. The game can be played by 2-4 people. The number of solar cycles can be increased to 4 or 5.

3. Jaipur

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     A great option for a board game to while away the winter evening. Only two people are involved. The task is to get the right to become a court merchant of the Maharaja.

     In the beginning, all tokens are stacked in descending order of value. Thus, the sooner he buys them, the more rupees he will receive. However, you should still be careful and take your time, remembering the prize tokens. You need to learn how to strike a balance between fast and profitable deals. Then the market is laid out – five cards through which the exchange of goods passes. After that, each player receives five starting cards.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     Participants take turns and, making transactions, try to earn the maximum number of victory points (rupees). At first glance, the game seems primitive, but it is not at all so. To become a winner, you will have to not only consider your resources but also monitor the opponent. Only in this way can you become the richest merchant in Jaipur.

4. The Quest for El Dorado

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     Just imagine that in the depths of the jungle of South America lies the city of El Dorado, full of treasures. You are going to lead an expedition and go in search of the lost city.

     In the center of the table, a path is laid out from large hexagonal zones along which the groups will move. Each hero will have to wade through overgrown forests, swim across rivers, climb mountains, explore caves and pass through settlements.

     Each turn the player takes a small card from the deck. Some maps allow you to traverse certain types of terrain. Thus, each player goes their unique path, while solving a mini-puzzle, the goal of which is to understand which route is better.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     When the player reaches the city of El Dorado, he is the winner and the game ends. A total of 2 to 4 players can participate.

5. Quacks of Quedlinburg

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

      Participants in this game are invited to become charlatans-medicine men at a fair in a medieval city. The party consists of 9 rounds, during which the players must brew healing potions and sell them. The player who gets the most points is the winner.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     Before starting the game, several recipe books are laid out on the table. At the beginning of the next rounds, new books are laid out on the table. Each participant receives a tablet-cauldron in which he will brew his potions. This board game is somewhat quirky and peculiar, but its main feature is that it will not let any company of people get bored. 2-4 people can participate in Quacks of Quedlinburg.

6. Wavelength

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

      This unusual association game was created especially for parties. The task of the players is to read each other’s thoughts. To do this, you need to use a special element of the game, the so-called Device. It is a device with a spectral scale and two arrows separated by a screen. An arrow on one side of the scale is randomly set to one of the spectrum positions. The team players, except for the medium, do not know the exact position of the arrow. The medium can give the players hints with the help of special cards, or by naming words that roughly describe at what mark the instrument needle is located.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     Even though the game supposedly needs to read the mind it is based on a sense of empathy. To win, the players of each team will have to figure out how each of them sees the world around them. The game can be played by 2-12 people, or even more.

7. Survive: Escape from Atlantis!

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

      In this game, participants must evacuate an unlucky group of explorers from the sinking Atlantis. This can be done both by swimming and with the help of boats. In any case, one should be careful as the sea is filled with hungry inhabitants. They are controlled with a special cube and do not mind eating easy prey at all. With each move, the continent sinks faster to the bottom, and there are not enough lifeboats for everyone. This game is designed for a group of 2-4 people.

8. Mysterium

     A very interesting cooperative game in which players try to bring peace to the poltergeist who settled in an old mansion.

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

       To do this, you will have to restore the picture of the terrible events that once happened in this house. One of the players takes on the role of a ghost, and by playing dream cards, he must explain to other players, psychics, what happened. At the same time, psychics have only seven days to solve the riddle. In the end, if the participants were able to establish contact, they will have to identify the killer and free the unfortunate soul that was trapped within the walls of this old house. 3-5 people can take part in the game.

9. Wingspan

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

    One of the cutest board games, the goal of which is to create bird sanctuaries. Participants can try themselves as bird watchers, collectors, or simply bird lovers to breed birds in special parks.

     During the game, each player must take care of the birds, receiving special points for this. The game lasts four rounds. The player with the most points wins.

     The game is not difficult but has a strong educational message. Players can learn a lot about birds, and perhaps take an interest in their life in the real world. The game can be played either alone or in a company of 5 people.

10. Isle of Skye

The 10 best board games for the Holidays

     This game belongs to the section of economic strategies. That is, each player must earn as many resources as possible during the game. A kind of monopoly in the setting of medieval Scotland.

     At the beginning of the game, each player takes three tokens from the bag and sets their prices. Then the players take turns acquiring one token. Unsold tokens must be redeemed by the players who took them out of the bag, and at the prices set by them. The more profitable trades a player makes during the whole round the more points he gets. The winner is the one who earned the most points. This game can be played by 2 to 5 people.


     As you can see, choosing the most suitable board game for you is not difficult. It all comes down to figuring out what you like and what kind of experience you want. In general, all games can be divided into several categories:

     Cooperative or competitive. In the first case, the emphasis is on the joint solution of the problem posed by the game. In the second case, the participants in the game compete with each other. Both types of play can be a lot of fun, it all depends on what you are more tuned in – to compete or work as a team.

     Simple and complex. Easy board games tend to appeal to children, beginners, and those who want an energetic experience in 30-40 minutes of playing. Another category of games is usually suitable for those who like a thoughtful building of complex strategies or immersion in the game’s story. Such games can last 2-3 hours.

      The theme of the game against mechanics. Some games have a deep storyline. In such games, the player usually focuses heavily on the story, theme, and atmosphere. Some games differ in abstractness, but at the same time boast complex and well-thought-out mechanics.

     Given these features, you can easily find a game that will be interesting for you to play. And which will be a great occasion to gather with family or friends at the table to play and learn something new.