The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

 agumentative essay topics

If you have to write an argumentative essay, you will need a list of topics that are both in demand and will captivate the attention of the reader. After all, the hotter the issue is, the more discussions will arise around it, and the more people will express their position. Usually, high-profile topics divide the field not only into for and against, but also into those who treat the arguments in two ways. From such disputes emerges truth. Controversy shapes public opinion and creates certain positions in society. Sharp topics leave an aftertaste, help readers come to some new conclusion, or even create a new theory.

                            The Hottest Argumentative Essay Topics

       We present to your attention a list of the top ten topics to write an argumentative essay that will fuel any discussion. We leave an additional package below, questions that are less acute but are often used in good controversy. One of them will undoubtedly fuel a fire in a reader's argument.

       Also, keep in mind that to make an argument hit the jackpot and be winning, you don't have to be on its side. Often, readers want to determine their position on their own. The only thing that you will be required is the logic of presentation, concise and clear arguments supported by evidence, and reliable sources of information.

                               1. Abortion: Positions For and Against

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

      The word "abortion" is probably one of the flashiest. Just imagine how thousands of people around the world have concerns about this procedure. Abortions provoke riots, violence, protests, and pickets around the planet. Those who wish to leave life and those who support free choice often enter into verbal disputes; sometimes, this escalates into the use of force.

       The issue of abortion became especially relevant back in 2019 when a law was passed in the USA in the state of Georgia to ban abortion in a fetus with a detected heartbeat. According to this document, a woman whose pregnancy is six weeks or more cannot terminate it.

2. Experiments on Animals: Are We Responsible for Those We Have Tamed?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

      When talking about animal rights, the first thing that comes to mind is the PETA Group, which states that people uphold ethical standards in the treatment of animals. The association itself often causes the most controversial reviews. Their activists participate in demonstrations and protests, for example, under the walls of the Congress with posters and horns. Sometimes the PETA even violates law and order. Thus, PETA activists have already shown their dissatisfaction with women who wore natural fur by throwing red paint at them and subjecting to ridicule and accusations. Experiments on animals is a topic that causes the most heated opposition. Often, animal rights activists organize performances, exhibitions in which they demonstrate on people those cruel actions to which animals are tortured. They want to show that four-footed animals are no different from people, that they also experience pain and should not be allowed to suffer. 

3. #MeToo: Victims of Sexual Violence ‒ a Painful Topic or a Provocation?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

       This movement was founded 14 years ago. Activists helped people who suffered from sexual violence. It was not okay to talk about abuse. However, thanks to #MeToo, women from all over the world have the opportunity to declare violations of their rights. Thus, in recent years, more and more men have been charged with violating women's rights. Now all those female victims feel safe and already know how to defend themselves.

     However, apart from the positive aspects of this movement, there are also disadvantages. Opponents argue that women often use such a tool to satisfy their needs, revenge, or other weird ideas, putting forward false accusations to the man just for nothing. On the other hand, supporters try to do everything possible to make women suffer less. Writing this argumentative essay topic can be an important discovery, both for yourself and your readers.

                 4. Carcinogenic Food: Are We More Likely to Get Cancer?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

       Cancer argumentative essay topics still leave many questions. The further civilization moves, the more severe challenges we face every day. Carcinogens are the by-products of this development. However, science also does not stand still, and now we learn about the effect of chemical molecules on human cells with each new product. Cancer argumentative essay topics are always controversial. On the one hand, this is the development of science; on the other, the destruction of human lives. A clear description of the properties and effects of washing powders, soap products, and antiperspirants will impress all representatives of the eco-trend. 

5. Illegal Immigrants without a Residence Permit: Do We Need More Border Control?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

      The USA is traditionally called a place of free and courageous people. A country with success values attracts all purposeful, desperate, and hardworking people who are eager to get into even from the most forgotten depths. Here dreams come true.

      This topic provokes the most acute discourse because the question “Who is a real American?” remains unsolved. Moreover, even though the American authorities every year increase protection at the borders in order not to let illegal immigrants into the country, not all people like this approach. The United States is indeed a huge free country. Why do we deprive people of the chance to become part of it?! Here you can discuss it for a very long time. After all, there are many arguments for and against this topic. America is a country where all cultures are mixed. Here, over the years, some of their unique combinations are born. However, at the same time, representatives of the country's administration are gradually building a wall that makes the United States separate and unattainable. 

      Such argumentative essay topics will be able to clarify the issue and give some new conclusions.

                                 6. Who is Behind the Fake News?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

      In recent years, almost everyone has been talking about fake news. Even American President Donald Trump often calls the most famous American news agencies untrue. They, in turn, do not much respect the 45th US President.

      That is why The New York Times and CNN remain the so-called enemies of Trump, while Fox News often creates some kind of blatant propaganda. Here is a question for discussion: who supports fakes and wants money off the fakes. This topic is sharp for everyone who reads it. So that the essay was able to tell enough about fake news, just give several real examples with decent argumentation and explanation of their influence in the media.

7. Pharmaceuticals: Business or Health Care? What are Big Pharma's Real Interests?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

      The pharmaceutical industry is causing some of the loudest reactions. The whole world cannot calmly talk about this particular area because it is indeed profitable, and maybe it only ruins us and does not heal at all. How much do prescription drugs make our lives worse? Is it so?

      The harshest belief in this regard is that there are already drugs for cancer, but pharmacists are not profitable to open its prescription. After all, conducting radiation and chemotherapy is much more beneficial than just curing people at once.

        Perhaps this message is the most painful for anyone who reads your pharmaceuticals or cancer argumentative essay topics. Remember, it is essential to make persuasive arguments.

                         8. The Modern World and the Death Penalty

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

       Although the development of the world is ongoing, the problem of the death penalty in the United States is still actual. Many people continue to expect the harshest punishment. Moreover, the way they are treated during their stay in the colony requires no comment. Of course, this causes protests and discontent, especially from the relatives, friends of the convicts. The fact is that ordinary citizens and taxpayers financially support them for life behind four walls. Is this decision correct? Are there no other options? Or maybe they should be immediately removed from society through execution? Why not give the person a second chance? On the other hand, if he has already killed thousands of people, what are the chances that he will not repeat his "feat"? But what if law enforcement officers are also mistaken and imprison an innocent person for years?

      All this is a very great argumentative essay topic for discussion.

                      9. Creation of Clones: Are We All Particles of God?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

        The topic is profound and even philosophical. After all, we often say that everyone came to this world with some kind of mission. The famous American singer and actress Barbra Streisand decided to clone her dog, and now she will never be alone.

       What about people? What will the next people be like if events go this way? Will you want another child, mom, dad, or your beloved grandmother, if something terrible happens to them? What is the purpose of man, then? Why do we live once and not 9 or 30 times?

                  10. Slavery in the Free World: How to Eliminate Traffickers?

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

      There is a lot of horror in these human trafficking argument topics. Many sad stories that destroy people's lives. It would seem that in the modern, free world, there is no such an inhumane way of treating people. Is it necessary to strengthen the laws, since no one has stopped selling people as a product? Undoubtedly, this is a big business with huge dividends. No one can refuse money in this world, although one has to step over human lives. How can criminals be punished?

    If you have ideas, present them in human trafficking argumentative essay and develop this topic, it is worth discussing.

    Find More Argumentative Essay Topics to Write About

    If our top 10 topics seemed too sharp and you would like a more relaxed discussion, we offer you other options. Their primary condition is to understand the problem, and if you are pleased to write about it, then readers will feel it. Below are the ones for you.


The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

        Politics is one of the most controversial areas, which rarely leaves anyone indifferent. People discuss it in transport, in cafes, and at home, they complain about politics, sitting on benches. If you look at the political situation in the world now, you can see how strongly the ideologies were reanimated, which, as it seemed to us, have passed away.

                                           Here is what is interesting to explore in politics:

      1. Ideology: is there a correct one?

       Thus, the Democrats claim that they care about poor people. However, the Republican Party emphasizes personal responsibility and economic well-being.

       2. Rich and poor: how to bridge the gap?

       Income inequality always raises hundreds of questions. Is it possible to help everyone who wants to improve the financial situation? After all, the rich and the poor still compare themselves with each other and often find thousands of prooves of their innocence.

       3. The debt of the state: what awaits us in the future?

       Is debt one of the most critical issues? Now, the United States has already owed about a trillion dollars, and it is growing every time.

       4. Is capitalism a decent system or needs to be changed?

       Has capitalism shown itself in the best light? Is it the system that has led to prosperity, but are there alternatives? Moreover, isn't impoverishment threatening us under capitalism?

     5. Socialism: balance in everything or is something wrong?

      Socialism: balance in everything or is something wrong?built on balance. What pitfalls are waiting for the population?

Cultural Values

The 10 Best Topics for an Argumentative Essay

        Each of us has our moral and spiritual rules. It also depends on the country, nationality, religion. Everyone has their code. See what is not close to you, and what is most important:

        1. LGBT: will equality of rights come?

        Usually, at this point, opinions are different. On the one hand, no one can prohibit same-sex marriage since it is sex discrimination, and at the same time, marriage between a woman and a man is regulated by religion.

       2. Television: who is responsible for censorship?

       Television should regulate adult content, as there must be family-friendly programming. On the other hand, it is not a direct role of TV channels to be responsible for the fortnight programs.

      3. Social networks: what do we teach our children?

      Social networks are always a field for discussion. They contain a lot of different useful information, but some consider them harmful to the development of the child.

     4. Gap year after university: pros and cons?

     Many consider this year to be the most important for experimentation, reflection, and self-discovery. On the other hand, isn't it the best time to go after college and put your knowledge into practice while there is still enthusiasm?

    So, these are the hottest argumentative essay topics of 2020. Writing an essay is very funny because you will need to both firmly stand for some kind of message, and also provide the opposite position, then refute it. We hope our article will help strengthen your original arguments, which will show that you understand the topic and are ready to research it.