The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

motorcycle movies

   Race, speed, adrenaline. Who doesn't love driving fast? Of course, if you do this in the city, then you can go to jail and lose your car. There are sports, video games (God, I love old Need For Speed), and of course, movies for those who don't like danger.

      However, I want to talk not just about street racers or Nascar, bu about the tough guys on bikes!

      Some of the movies on this top are not about cool guys in leather jackets and badass motorcycles. It is not Schwarzenegger from the second Terminator. Here is more about riders who love bikes and road as well as their life, who risk everything to do their job, live in pleasure, set records, etc. Some of these films are documentaries based on real events and people.

      If you love bikes, then you will definitely like my top motorcycle movies!

Easy Rider

        The characters of the film, having the jackpot on the smuggling of Mexican drugs, decide to leave Los Angeles to breathe the intoxicating air of freedom. They go on a motorcycle trip across South America. The final destination of the journey is Louisiana, where the Mardi Gras carnival will take place. At the beginning of the tour, the bikers stop by the hippie community and then end up in prison. There they, having treated a cellmate with marijuana, find themselves a new friend and companion.

        However, the longer their journey lasts, the faster the dreamy notions of freedom fade away. For ordinary American people, they are not romantic rebels, but ordinary vagabonds who are not trustworthy. The world-renowned freedom of America turned out to be just a fantasy. If you do not have a permanent job and you look different from everyone else, do not expect a right attitude. Wherever bikers stop, they are expected by a hostile meeting of residents, one of which ends tragically.

                                                The Motorcycle Diaries

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        "Diarios de motocicleta" was created in 2004 thanks to the close-knit work of filmmakers from eight countries such as Argentina, the USA, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, and France. Walter Salles directed this biographical drama, which focuses on the world-famous revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara. The film takes the viewer to 1951-1952 years. It shows the journey of Ernesto and his friend to the places of South America. A rather meager financial situation makes them spend the night in nature under the open sky. To refuel the car and food, they have to earn constant part-time jobs. They are engaged in the treatment of animals, villagers, even washing dishes in restaurants. Through this trip, they meet a huge number of people, learn about their problems, and tell them about theirs. It is a high-quality film adaptation of these people’s lives, which shows their sorrows, joys, and adventures. The viewer will know everything about the great man.

                                                   The Wild One

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

          Bikers calling themselves Black Rebels break into a legally run race and try to join the competition, but are thrown out. One of the group members, however, manages to steal the second prize and hands it to leader Johnny.

        Securing the trophy at the helm, Johnny takes his pack to the town of Wrightsville. Many flocks to the local bar, Bleecker's Café, owned by Sheriff Harry Bleeker, who works there himself. Stunned by the ongoing outrage, he does nothing to calm down the menacing-looking guys, until they get drunk to unconsciousness.

         The bikers amuse themselves by terrorizing the town. Their leader, seeing the pretty girl Katie, follows her to the bar. She turns out to be the sheriff's daughter; he tries to impress her by giving a trophy cup. Although Katie becomes interested in this strange, somewhat out of this world, tough guy, she refuses to accept the gift.

          Anxiety grows when another group of bikers, led by Chino, enters the city with a roar.

                                                  On Any Sunday

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        Back in 1971, a documentary sports film was released, which later became a real cult picture in its genre. One of the main characters in the movie Every Sunday was the popular Hollywood actor Steve McQueen.

        Designed to popularize motorcycle racing in the United States, the film tells the story of the exciting and extreme life of racers, for whom motorcycles and speed are not just a passion, but real life. The heroes of the picture do not imagine themselves in any other way, because competition, the spirit of passion, and a powerful motor are all they need to be happy. One of the biggest fans of this sport at that time was the popular American actor Steve McQueen, who never decided for himself who he was: an actor participating in motorcycle races or a racer acting in films. Also, in the movie, you can see the most famous athletes of this sport and watch footage of real competitions in which the greatest motorcycle lovers participate.

       This popularizing film turned out to be of such high quality that it was nominated for an Oscar as the best documentary.

                                                  Why We Ride

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

       In life, not every person can find a genuinely fascinating passion, which we will be ready to give most of our free time. For the heroes of the presented documentary, motorcycles have become a similar hobby, on which they are ready to drive around for days, circling the world, turning their faces towards the rapid airflow.

      The plot of the film "Why We Ride" highlights the stories of entirely different people, united by a common desire and love for two-wheeled monsters. It is the film for those who have always dreamed of finding out what kind of fate the most inveterate bikers have and what elements make their life truly happy. The authors of this film will reveal for what reason men and women around the world converge in communities, put on "leather" and go to travel around the country, announcing the district with the roar of powerful engines.

      The film project also highlights the history of the emergence and development of motorsport, the first models of transport, and the first representative of today's ultra-modern culture. Racing stars, creators of mechanisms, and a variety of motorcycle racing modes ‒ there is everything to interest the viewer who cannot imagine life without fast-paced races on two-wheeled monsters.

                                           The Great Escape

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        The movie is based on real events. It tells the story of war prisoners whom even the most terrible concentration camp could not break. Time after time, they try to regain their freedom, at the risk of their lives. And also a special Luftwaffe camp (from which, as the colonels of the German army believed, it was impossible to escape) could not stop them, because the heroes find that escape is not just a desire, but a duty to the homeland.

        Finding a loophole, devising escape routes, and walking unnoticed through carefully selected guards is not easy. For a long time, prisoners are forced to obey their enemies to study the situation and how to prepare. And finally, the long-awaited opportunity appears...

                                                        One Week

       How many things we do not have time for in life, put off for later, listen to the opinions of strangers, live under the influence of someone's stereotypes. Unfortunately, we begin to understand this only when there are several steps left to the abyss, from where there will never be a return ‒ death. So it happens with our hero from the movie "One week". Many films have been shot on this subject, but this one is special. The main character, Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), is diagnosed with cancer. He alone is trying to cope with this problem, without friends, a woman he loves, or even a partner due to illness. He has a week, one week, during which he must plunge into what was only dreamed before, what he wanted all his life. For this, he buys a big and beautiful motorcycle and goes on a trip to Canada, his first and, as he believes, the last trip in his life. But not everything is as tragic as our hero thinks. After watching the film, an absolute euphoria is felt. It is not a movie, after which you want to hide from everyone and cry. No, after this film, I want to live, live to the fullest. I want to appreciate and enjoy every moment. I think everyone will see themselves in the main character. The film is light, and you want to watch it, enjoy the plot and understand that life is easy if you enjoy it. After it, love appears for everything that sometimes we do not see or do not want to see.

                                           The World's Fastest Indian

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

       The film tells about the famous racing driver, the owner of the world speed record ‒ Bertha Monroe. He was born and raised in New Zealand. His life's work was the 1920 Indian Scout, which he refined continuously. It was on it that the racer made his dream come true, and set several world records for streamlined motorcycles. By the way, these records remain unbroken.

       The film shows the road adventures of Monroe on the way from his hometown of Invercargill in the United States, and the race itself. No one even believed that an elderly racer at that time would be able to reach the finish line and even more ‒ to win.

                                                   Being Evel (2015)

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

      The extreme sports movie tells us about Evel Knievel, a superstar who earned fame and money by jumping on a motorbike over long distances. His records still stand today, even though motorcycles have become many times more powerful. Johnny Knoxville, of Jackass fame, produced this reverential account of Evel's life and accomplishments. One of the best extreme sports documentaries of all time.

                                                    12 O'clock Boys

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        High-speed, extreme driving through the streets is an old tradition and the curse of Baltimore: roaring cavalcades of motorcycles, and ATVs, and reckless drivers, who control them almost from a supine position, do not just interfere with the residents ‒ they pose a mortal danger to them. But the protagonist of the film is the teenager Paz, who still only dreams of joining the gang and therefore trains hard using any available means of transportation.

                                         Somewhere Else Tomorrow

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        Motorcycle traveler Daniel Rinz is a person who is tired of working at the university and wants to change his life. He goes on a journey with no funds or support, earning money along the way around the world. There are countries, people, breakdowns, financial difficulties for two and a half years. The film tells about survival, true freedom, and understanding of the world.

                                  Riding Solo To The Top Of The World

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

         Riding Solo To The Top Of The World is the unique experience of a lonesome traveler, who rides his motorcycle from Mumbai to one of the remotest places in the World, the Changthang Plateau, in Ladakh, bordering China. Situated at an average altitude of 15,000 feet, Changthang covers almost 30,000 square kilometers of Ladakh. A land devoid of roads and with temperatures that dip to minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. As a one-person film unit, he astonishes you, demonstrating the landscape he passes by and the people he interacts with, capturing moments of beauty, pain, love, hardship, self-doubt, and spiritual triumphs. As a city slicker, his interaction with the nomads of the region, the Chang pas, who live at the highest altitude used by humanity in the world, teaches him a new perspective on life, as does the religious fervor he encounters. The Hemis festival that comes once in twelve years, the Tashi Choling monastery where the Chang pas pray to the Rain God and the ever-changing...


The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

         Japanese anime "Akira" will take us to the distant future. The third world war is over. Nuclear bombs were dropped on Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Then 31 years passed. The city was recreated with a different name ‒ New Tokyo. The pro-fascists came to power. They severely punish the unwanted, destroy the rebels and dissent. And they encourage research related to experiments on humans, which should lead to the invention of new weapons. Colonel Shikishima leads the military. He doesn't like government methods and conflicts with politicians.

      Meanwhile, a new religion appears, where Akira is glorified ‒ a superman who must appear and help all Japanese. There are many characters in this anime, the opinion of which changes when viewed. Also, this is a reflection on nuclear weapons, the topic of which is significant for Japan. So what will happen if a person plays the role of God? Will he be able to curb his pride to use his power for the benefit of others?

                                                Place Beyond the Pines

       In the center of the story is an experienced motorcycle stuntman named Luke, who travels across the country, amazing the audience with his mind-blowing and hazardous stunts. One day he accidentally meets his longtime girlfriend and suddenly finds out that he has a little son, but the girl is already with another man and does not want Luke to be in her life. The main character decides to prove that he can become a good father and abandons his dangerous craft to start honestly earning a living until his old friend invites him to rob a bank.

                                         TT3D: Closer to the Edge (2011)

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

       A great tradition has existed in the UK since 1907 ‒ the Tourist Trophy (TT), annual super-festival of races on the Isle of Man. These races are beyond the ordinary. Although various motorcycle festivals take place all over the world, participation in the Tourist Trophy (TT) is the culmination of the life of every rider.

       TT3D: Closer to the Edge 2011 ‒ these are, first of all, amazing shots in motion, for which special equipment was purchased; a fantastic story with heroes of motorcycle racers about the features of the festival, the atmosphere and spirit of Tourist Trophy (TT) itself. We can see gorgeous shots both directly from the festival itself and during preparation for it. We learn how the preparations for the competitions go and the features of the festival because the main highlight is the race held in five classes.

      Also, we may virtually travel to an exciting spectacle with the participation of the best motorcycle racers. It is what attracts thousands of viewers, dozens of investors, and partners. Unfortunately, as in any other competition, the risk to life is as high as possible. During the races died more than 230 riders.

                                                  Long Way Round

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        The Long Way Round is a mini-series about the journey of two good friends. Famous actors Charlie Burman and Ewan McGregor became the main characters. In 2004, friends completed an unforgettable journey, visiting countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Ukraine. They covered thousands of kilometers on their iron fellow motorcycles. There are only two of them and around nature and unusual places in which a person is a rare guest. The viewer will see the journey of famous actors without any falsehood and pretense. Everything that happens is reality, not a staged film.

                                                 Hitting The Apex

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

        A gift for motorsport lovers. The film follows the six most successful motorcycle racers of the last decade. It is not a dry sports review, here are reports about intense, to the point of exhaustion, training, emotions that gush after the races, drive, desire to win, and a natural result!

       Six different destinies, six dissimilar people, each of them came to the world of sports in own way, but today they are doing one thing, and they have one dream ‒ speed. Viewers will learn a lot of exciting things about the life of the heroes, what they are still doing, how they’ve learned to overcome difficulties, what helped them, and what else besides their bikes they value.

       It is a vivid, exciting story about men who, since childhood, dreamed of speed, ups and downs, what led to their first successes, and how they manage to stay in the first position in world rankings. Particularly much attention is paid to the events of 2011–2013.

       The idea to shoot the film came after the death of Marco Simoncelli in October 2011. He will forever remain in the hearts of colleagues and fans.

                                             Mad Max: Fury Road

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

       The fantastic action movie Mad Max: Fury Road, directed by Australian filmmaker George Miller, continues the series of films about the adventures of Max Rockatansky. For almost thirty years, the audience had to wait for the continuation of the cult picture.

       The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Max wanders around the scorched planet all alone, because, in his opinion, this is the only way to survive. However, this does not save the main character from the raiders from the Citadel. After a short chase, Max is captured and becomes a blood donor for one of the tyrant's henchmen.

        The Citadel stands on a vast reservoir of water, and this gives the tyrant, Immortal Joe, power over those around him. Once one of the field commanders, Furiosa, escapes from her master in a huge armored truck, and, among other things, manages to take with her a part of the dictator's harem. Blinded by rage, Immortal Joe throws all his strength in pursuit of the fugitives.

                                                Roadside Prophets

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

       This loping, easygoing road movie throws together familiar ingredients ‒ a pair of mismatched buddies, a series of encounters with unusual strangers (the "prophets" of the title), and a personal quest to quench demons from the past. For a journey, that doesn't strike out into new territory but provides a pleasant trip for its wandering souls. Rocker John Doe (formerly of the punk band X) is a working stiff whose journey to deliver the ashes of a friend to their final resting place in Eldorado, Nevada, becomes something of a New Age odyssey.

      Joined by Sam (Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz), a lost youth obsessed with the ubiquitous Motel 9s that dot every truck stop and crossroads, the two wrangle their motorcycles down desert highways like Gen-X Easy Riders. However, there are no drugs, the rednecks, or the '60s soundtrack (the excellent score by Pray for Rain also includes songs by Doe, former X-mate Exene Cervenka, and The Pogues). Cameos by weathered 1960s icons Timothy Leary and Arlo Guthrie join David Carradine as a guitar-playing hermit and John Cusack as an insane, food-throwing anarchist.

       Director Abbe Wool (who wrote Sid and Nancy) is content to watch the world ramble from the back of a motorcycle and enjoy the company. It makes entertaining viewing if you like the personalities and an interminable trip if you don't.

                                    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

The 20 Best Motorcycle Racing Movies of All Time

       Back in 1966, a sixteen-year-old girl, Harriett, disappeared without a trace. The case remained unsolved. However, Henrik Vanger, the uncle of the missing, is sure that she was killed, and one of his family's relatives has something to do with it. He even has some evidence against one of them.

      Henrik invites journalist Mikael Blomkvist, for a good reward, to take up the investigation of this case. But this is not so simple, because forty years have passed. But the journalist is used to difficulties, and the case itself attracts him with a large number of secrets. Taking professional hacker Lisbeth Salander as his assistant, Blomkvist begins an investigation.