The Beginning of the Internet Challenges

The Beginning of the Internet Challenges

Frankly, nobody knows when and why it all started. For the people who don’t know what an internet challenge is. Basically, someone does something, most of the time something stupid, and afterward, people just do the same thing. Videos of some challenges which went more than viral.

First Challenge

One of the first challenges known to the internet was The saltine cracker challenge or saltine challenge where is a food challenge or competition in which a person has 60 seconds in which to eat six saltine soda crackers without drinking anything. Sounds easy, but in reality, it’s quite hard to be swallowed. Don’t believe me, just try. 

The genesis of the saltine cracker challenge might be easier to trace, but the cinnamon challenge is also pretty old. It has been around for a long time, but hit the internet around 2001, peaking in popularity in the spring of 2012. The challenge itself is simple: swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking anything. Honestly, that’s it. But it’s hilarious to watch because it dries out your throat and you inevitably begin to gag. Most of the time it just results in the challenge-taker spewing out cinnamon all over the room. It also poses the risk of choking, being poisoned, or dealing with a collapsed lung.

The salt and ice challenge arrived in the form of a video uploaded to, according to Know Your Meme. As the name suggests, it involves dousing your body in salt and rubbing ice on it and seeing how long you can stand the burning sensation the reaction between salt and ice creates. In 2012, one kid in Pittsburg suffered second-degree burns as a result, and that was probably the peak of this challenge, although there have been cautionary mentions in the news as recently as 2014. By the way, don’t Google the pictures (or do…I’m not the boss of you): they’re bad! It also goes without saying you should not take the salt and ice challenge.

The 2012 year was not only the end of the world but also the start of the condom challenges. The first one involves snorting a condom up through one nostril and pull it out the other and is just stupid enough to blossom into a trend. This gained popularity in 2013 when other YouTubers began to copy the stunt but are not to be confused with the water condom challenge, which hit the internet in 2015 and involved dropping a water-filled condom over someone’s head without popping it. Spoiler alert: the condom usually pops.

And finishing up with the most recent one. The bottle cap challenge, where a huge amount of celebrities joined the trend. The point is unscrewing the top from a water bottle with a single roundhouse kick, and it got its start in the world of MMA. 

Just be sure to take care your common sense before joining to the next new trendy challenge.