The Truth About Hockey: The Hockey Coach Told about the Most Dangerous and Stupid Players

The Truth About Hockey: The Hockey Coach Told about the Most Dangerous and Stupid Players

       If you think that hockey is a wonderful and successful game, then this is not always the case, because it has some nuances. The young hockey coach told all the background of his team and made some stupid confessions.

      Of course, in every game, you can meet a person who is not good at this and spoils the team spirit. Often such a player not only lacks experience but at the same time he is dangerous.

The Truth About Hockey

     Whatever we do, stupid hockey players are hard to fix. Now, we are not talking about tough guys and fighters. The so-called bodyguard of a team who is a hockey player and fights with rivals must leave the game at all stages. After that, the team representatives know that such a player will no longer be able to join them.

     If a player hits incorrectly from the beginning and does not bring success, it will be difficult to work with him. He is dangerous, without enough self-control, and can even injure himself. And in the worst case, another player may suffer from his irresponsibility.

     It often happens that all team members know the truth, see the actions of a stupid hockey player, but cannot tell him anything because often outside the game, he is a good guy, even someone's loyal friend or has famous parents.

      Imagine a player who hits on the head every time or constantly hits from behind. What can you think of him? Only that hockey is stupid. A new trick ‒ knee-to-knee striking ‒ is also ridiculous.

The Truth About Hockey

      Undoubtedly, such a violator must be thrown out of a game. Otherwise, most of the professional fighters can be hit hard. Some guys have already made it a habit and regularly break the rules. The hockey police must deal with these violations. Control over the situation belongs to commissars, coaches, referees who must expose dangerous players.

       We cannot say that hockey is stupid, but when players who break the rules come out on the ice, it is better not to start this game. The most reasonable thing is to remove the player from the fight. However, the National Hockey League then decides whom to remove. This creates additional complications. The best solution, in this case, is to create universal rules for all leagues in the youth game. And then at the first stage, it will be possible to see players who do not fulfill their professional tasks. Then the fights will be safe for all participants.

The Truth About Hockey

       The first who should insist on the exclusion of such a hockey player is the coach. If the practice of fines does not work, a video is needed to prove the violation. In this situation, there should be a bench. Nor should there be any threats from sponsors and owners. The most important thing is to make the system legal at all levels because just looking at violations means accepting injustice. And this has significant risks for the course of the entire hockey game.

      Now let's move on to real-life examples of stupid hockey players. Usually, no one wants to play against them. They are so unpleasant and often just cause negative emotions and irritation. Many questions often arise when discussing the tactics of their game. Since their tricks during the play often go beyond all limits. But in their personal lives, some of them are quite charming people who do not cause disgust. Also, opposing teams often watching for such players want to lure them to themselves, without even knowing what they are.

         Here are 5 Hockey Players That are Easy to Dislike on the First Hit

1. Ryan Kesler

      Ryan Kesler is a center forward, renowned American hockey player, who represents the Anaheim Ducks national team. It's easy to feel dislike for Ryan, especially if you're not a fan of the team. His main goal is to provoke his rivals, the commander, and thereby change the course of the game. Ryan Kesler, who represented Vancouver, was already on a special roster of NHL players who regularly violated and faked. The president of the league, Mr. Campbell, emphasized that this list is in demand and almost every player is eager to know all these names so that all violators are punished and no longer interfere with fair games.

The Truth About Hockey

      Ryan's style has already been condemned by Ryan Johansen, who was a striker in Nashville. He called the guy's game meaningless. He said that he had no idea how the Kesler family supported him. Since, according to Johansen, watching matches with Kesler is unbearable.

     “When I enter the ice arena, I play real hockey. But how unpleasant it is to constantly pull out of the groin a hockey stick that my rival put there,” complained Johansen.

      Kesler was quick to answer, saying that he was playing as energetically and responsibly as possible. And someone may not like it.

      Also, the Anaheim Ducks striker has the characteristics of a good two-way forward. This means that he learned not only to skillfully provoke his rivals but also to solve his tasks on the ice.

2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand is a Canadian hockey player, a striker for the Boston Club, distinguished by his scandalous strikes. The only difference between the guy and the others is that he admits his impudence on the ice. The list of his violations and penalties can be leafed through for a long time, there is large baggage of sins that an athlete has managed to commit during his career.

The Truth About Hockey

      One of his most screaming fuckups are hard blows to the legs of rivals with a hockey stick, also a well-aimed sight right into the jaw with elbows, a blow with a hockey stick between the legs. These are the dirtiest and creepiest blows. If Brad were immediately eliminated, hockey would be much better at once.

     However, Marchand's stupid confessions are quite calm and even indifferent. So, in 2015, the athlete said that he deserved a greater punishment.

     “I was eliminated only for 2 matches, but they could have done four, so I can say that I was still very lucky,” admits Brad after striking Canadian NHL center forward Derrick Brassard.

     Receiving disqualifications, Brad Marchand continues to behave arrogantly, constantly emphasizing that he is not interested in anyone outside the locker room at his club.

    Together with all the negativity that Brad emits, he is still a bombardier from God. Last season, he ranked fifth among the most effective hockey players with a score of 85 points. There is no doubt that there are athletes for whom Brad Marchand is an example to follow.

3. Matthew Tkachuk

     Matthew Tkachuk is a 22-year-old American professional winger. At 18, he entered the NHL. He plays for the Calgary club and is still called one of its best players. Despite his youth, Tkachuk skillfully copes with his rivals, not even thinking that he is only 22. He uses the most dexterous and dangerous techniques against his rivals with great enthusiasm, ignoring their experience and popularity.

The Truth About Hockey

     One season was enough for the guy to call him a real provocateur of our time. He created a villainous image for himself, which proved to be a very successful move for the club. Also, the young striker often starts verbal conflicts and allows himself insults towards the hockey stars. The player often interferes with the goalkeeper, and physically violates the boundaries of his opponents. Of course, this creates an inconvenience in the game.

     In the 2016-2017 season, the guy became 11 in the list of the most tactless hockey players in the National League. During this time, he received 3 big comments. Everything else concerned minor violations, etiquette, rudeness, and lack of manners.

4. Antoine Roussel

     Antoine Roussel is a French striker, player of the Dallas national team. Although he does not have any outstanding talents, it will not be difficult for an experienced fan to recognize him among athletes. The forward plays very intensely and cuts off his opponents just as much. Antoine is one of those guys who play an important role in the life of the national team, although his name does not appear in the protocol every evening.

The Truth About Hockey

      Also, Antoine Roussel uses verbal violence, and often his evil look is enough to ignite a conflict. He creates provocations, grins, and says some nasty things right in the face of his opponents. But the rules are still strict and together with the French striker, his opponent who is often innocent also goes to the penalty area. The method of a skilled Dallas player often works and is even loved by many coaches, so his popularity and demand remain consistently high.

     Again, see the paradox, Roussel is welcomed outside of work. Even though he is unbearable during matches, breaks many rules, and creates a bad taste for the whole game, outside of his professional activities he is just an angel. In 2016, one of his little fans, 11-year-old Tommy, wrote a letter to the French striker and invited him to his birthday. Roussel was very touched and came to visit Tommy. The star brought many gifts to his young fan. The local youth appreciated this gesture from Antoine. 

5. Andrew Shaw

     Andrew Shaw is a Canadian ice hockey player and center-right forward for the Montreal national team. Even though he does not have outstanding natural data (Shaw's height is 180 cm, while other hockey players can be two meters tall), the guy plays powerfully and does not fear to hit his opponent with a puck in the face. 

The Truth About Hockey

    The Canadian attacks strongly, often he can even knock down the gate in a rush, as well as their goalkeeper. Often Andrew Shaw pays for his emotional play with penalty time. But his skills give him the ability to attack in three positions at once.

   In an interview, Andrew Shaw admitted that in fact, the rat is his type of hockey player:

    “Yes, I am a provocateur, but I do everything possible and impossible for our team to win! Yes, sometimes I am wrong, but still, I try to pay attention to my mistakes and not repeat them”, admitted the right-handed striker of Montreal.

    I note that even in “Chicago” Andrew Shaw was very respected and loved, he quickly became famous, moving to “Montreal”.