TOP 10 Most Expensive Players in IPL 2020-2021 (Auction Bids)

The 10 Most Expensive Players in the 2020 IPL Auction


September brings the beginning of a new IPL season. All over the world people look forward to this marvelous event. Such a festive mood is what many of us would need to take a brake from the COVID outbreak. This season can boast of some excellent professional players both from India and abroad. The matches of his fourteenth IPL season will be hosted by United Arab Emirates. The auction has already been conducted and each team spent huge amounts of money to get the best cricketers on their side.

In this article we will highlight the most expensive player in IPL 2020 and 2021 along with the list of other highly paid ones. However, first it is necessary to understand how the players get into their teams. 

IPL Auction

The auction is one of the most important and anxious moments of the event. The owners and representatives of all IPL teams place their bets on different players. The amount of money that each team can spend is limited and is the same for all eight of them. The auction usually takes two days during which the owners try to assemble a perfect set of players for this year. Since the creation of IPL in 2008, this part of the season has become the most interesting. You can witness how the players get contracts with huge numbers and see the anxiety in their eyes during the live stream.

Every year, just before the matches start, the main control board of cricket initiates the start of the auction so that all teams have equal possibilities to select cricketers. You will be able to see famous names go under the hammer, and it’s not something you see every day. Representatives of all eight teams (also named franchises) take turns to place a bet on a player. The team which is ready to spend more than others get to conclude a contract with him.

Most Expensive Players

So, the auctions of both 13th and 14th IPL seasons have passed. That brings us to a question – who is the most costly player in IPL 2020 and 2021. We’ve done our homework, and present you the list of eleven most expensive players in IPL.

11. Nathan Coulter-Nile – ₹5 crore

Starting from the (relevantly) low numbers, the 11th place on this list is held by the cricketer from Australia – Nathan Coulter-Nile, who has been spending some time with Mumbai Indians, and this season was not the exception. 

The thirty-three-year-old player was signed by Mumbai Indians for the seventh time for almost 700 000 USD.

His latest single performance outside IPL was not that impressive. With Melbourne Stars, he took eleven wickets but was unfortunate in batting. 

10. Tom Curran – ₹5.25 crore

Number 10 here is also not the IPL 2020 highest price player – Tom Curran.

Previously playing for Rajasthan Royals, this season he was surprisingly “won” by the Delhi Capitals, who put up a good fight for him.

Was it some tactical play or something else – we do not know. But what we do know is that Capitals spend 722 000 USD for the Englishman. 

9. Shahrukh Khan – ₹5.25 crore

A young but relentless batsman Shahrukh Khan (don’t mix with an actor) is not yet the most expensive Indian player in IPL 2020 auction, but sure has all chances to become one.

A real war broke out for this fresh talent during the auction. Dehli Capitals and Punjab Kings put up a fair fight, in the result of which Kings acquired the player. Shahrukh was “bought” for 722 000 USD, basically splitting this place with Tom Curran.

8. Moeen Ali – ₹7 crore

Ali’s previous season was quite tough, as he made just three appearances with Royal Challengers Bangalore. So, he was quite happy when Chennai Super Kings offered almost one million dollars for his participation on their side. Well, his potential is quite extensive. Will the Super Kings be able to fully unleash it?

7. Riley Meredith – ₹8 crore

Something that brought a wee bit of a shock during this year’s auction is the fight for the Australian cricketer – Meredith Riley.

The initial price was just forty lakh, which quickly evolved into 1.1 million USD, generously offered by Punjab Kings. So if speaking about non-Indian players – this instantly made Riley the most expensive player in IPL 2020 auction (and frankly – all other years as well).

6. Sheldon Cottrell – ₹8.5 crore

Kind of a dark horse here, a bowler and batsman from Jamaica – Sheldon Cotterell, used to play for the West Indies until recently. So for eight and a half crore, Punjab Kings got him playing on their side during the upcoming matches.

5. Krishnappa Gowtham – Chennai Super Kings (₹9.25 crore)

In the quest to determine the most expensive player in IPL 2020 – 2021, Indian cricketer Krishnappa Gowtham sits right in the middle.

This year, three franchises were trying to lay their hands on him until Chennai Super Kings offered almost 1.30 million, thus ending the fight.

He used to play for Punjab Kings and Rajasthan Royals with resultative performances in previous seasons and will surely contribute to the Super Kings’ strategy of play. 

4. Jhye Richardson – ₹14 crore

Now, you can feel the stakes getting higher. Just from the moment, Jhye’s name was announced, the war for his participation was unleashed. Finally, the Punjab Kings got the Australian bowler for 1.9 million USD. Needless to say, Richardson was one of the most costly assets of this season.

3. Glenn Maxwell – 14.25 crore

Slowly getting to the end of the list we see the names of the whales of cricket.

Glenn Maxwell was “won” for almost 2 million dollars by the Royal Challengers Bangalore in a duel with Chennai Super Kings. And you’ll see for yourself that this expenditure is justified.

Maxwell is a true menace when it comes to batting. A natural cricketer whose name is carved in the history of cricket alongside Virat Kohli.

(video on Glenn Maxwell -

2. Kyle Jamieson – ₹15 crore

Number two on the list of the most expensive players in IPL 2020 – 2021 is the professional cricketer from New Zealand – Kyle Jamieson, who got a contract for 2.05 million USD from Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Challengers have been spotted making a couple of sudden acquisitions this year. However, the struggle for Kyle was not that of a surprise. Jamieson will undeniably give the team an advantage as he is similarly good at bowling and batting. 

(video on Kyle Jamieson -

1. Chris Morris – ₹16.25 crore

Down to the number one, the IPL auction 2020 highest-paid player is Chris Morris, the living legend of cricket.

The second year in a row, Morris is being taken by Rajasthan Royals, who have paid 2.2 million USD this year for having him on their side, thus breaking the record of spending the biggest amount of money for a player in IPL history. 

Recently they had to part ways with the team captain Steve Smith, making more room for a foreign prodigy.

(video on Chris Morris -


We could prolong this list for many more numbers, as there are too many highly-paid cricketers out there. We’ve built up the list to determine the most expensive player in IPL 2020 – 2021 and included the names that were the most interesting ones to our minds.