Top 12 Craziest Bets Ever

crazy bets

         Gambling and Betting are such a big part of our modern life that it is hard to imagine nowadays sports and significant events without bets! You know, I mean it’s much more fascinating to watch football, hockey, basketball, mixed martial arts or any other sport when you bet on it! I swear I do it every weekend. I am going to tell you some stories of 12 crazy bets that impressed the people. 

                                    1. Rockstar receives a knighthood

     This one and four more things would stay the same or would happen by the year 2000, said a Welshman, and made a crazy bet in 1989. He placed about 50 bucks on the following statements: TV shows “Home and Away,” “Neighbours” and “EastEnders” would all still be on the air; singer Cliff Richard would receive a knighthood, and the band U2 would always be together and performing. The odds of it all happening, according to the bookmaker Ladbrokes: 6,479-1. And in 2000 he won about 320.000 bucks, man! Crazy for that time. Thanks to fucking knight Richard, what a rockstar! 

                                             2. FUCKING ALL IN

     It was one of the craziest bets made in history. The Englishman Ashley Revell sold all he had in 2004 and went to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 135.300$ in his pocket, and guess what? You’re fucking right, mate! He bet all he had on one spin of a roulette wheel, man! Unbelievable, but he doubled to 270.600$ in a moment. On this wave, he set up an online poker company, but his luck ended in 2012, and his company closed up, unfortunately. 

                                           3. Freaky gambler life

      Possibly, one of the most venturesome men the world had seen in its history. He has tried almost everything you even can’t imagine! I guess you wouldn’t do that for all the money in the world! Let's look at some exciting adventures that he had in his life. For example, Brian Zembic agreed to have silicone breast implants put and live with them for a year to win 100.000$! Would you do that? HAHA, I guess you would say ‘no way!’ Also, he lived in a friend’s bathroom(toilet) for a month and won 7.000$. How about that? Anyway, he slept under a bridge with 20.000 strapped to his leg for a fucking week! Remember about his crazy bet with implants? So, that’s not all about it, Zembic got used to it and liked having breasts and kept the implants for almost twenty years. He turned down another bet of $10,000 in 2014 to take them out! Incredible, he has excellent entrepreneurial skills, either! 

     History says that Zembic’s life has changed after the birth of his daughter, and money makes no sense at all for him now. What beautiful happy-end.

                                               4. Far swimmin g

      Here will be another stunning story of life. This man, named Matthew Webb, really loved swimming, he became internationally famous, because he was able to do things that no one was able to do! He was the first person to swim across the English Channel in 1875, finishing in 21 hours and 40 minutes, just imagine it if you can. Then he wrote a book called 

     “The Art of Swimming.” Unfortunately, he lost his bet and his life when he took a stake of only 2.000$ to swim through the Whirlpool Rapids near Niagara Falls, on the U.S.-Canada border, this is fucking real danger at all times! No one did it safely before if you know what I mean. Sadly, he drowned in the attempt. In 1909, his family erected a memorial to him in England, with the inscription: “Nothing great is easy.” That is true. No one can argue with it.

                                               5. Federer’s miracle

        In 2003 a man named Nick Newlife made a £1,500 ($1,900) bet that Federer would win the Wimbledon Grand Slam at least seven times by 2019 after Federer’s first Wimbledon Men's Singles trophy. God damn, man, how fucking sure you were in that young guy?! The odds against this happening were 66-1. Federer went on to win the Wimbledon title seven times by 2012. Sadly, Newlife died in 2009 before he knew the outcome of his stunning wager. But fortunately, he managed to leave his estate, including the betting slip, to the charity Oxfam, which claimed the winning payout of more than £100,000 ($155,000) when Federer won his seventh Wimbledon title. It is so inspiring. 

                                                6. Try your luck, baby 

       Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino, 2009. Patricia Demauro and John Capra, two friends, were spending their time gambling in a casino. Demauro played penny slot machines but it was so boring, she was playing it for several hours. Then she decided to find Capra, who was playing poker. He was losing and decided to take a break to show Demauro how to play craps. She had never played the game before but decided to try her luck.

       Seven is the number that comes up the most often when throwing a pair of dice. Just imagine, Demauro proceeded to successfully bet 154 times in a fucking row against rolling seven! She was winning 154 times in a row! The last throw was unlucky and ended her winning streak, but it doesn’t matter! She was playing for nearly four and a half hours, imagine the sum she won. There were seven figures on it. I guess it was an enjoyable time for them. The casino treated her to a champagne toast, a meal, and a free room.

Top 12 Craziest Bets Ever

                                     7. Extraordinary talent brings cash

        In 1998 Richard Hopkins took his thirteen years old son to race go-karts, where he watched another youth race. He noticed one talented boy and was much impressed by him. It was Lewis Hamilton, right. He made 3 bets on him:

  1.  Richard placed a £200 bet ($250) that the boy, Lewis Hamilton, would win a Formula One Race by the time he was 23 (at 200-1 odds). 
  2. Hopkins placed a second bet for £100 bet ($125) that Hamilton would be a Formula One world champion by the time he was 25 (at 500-1 odds). 
  3.  And in the last one, he placed £50 ($62) that Hamilton would achieve both goals (at 1,500-1 odds).

 That seems unbelievable, but it is so! When Hamilton won his first race at 22, and then went on to become a world champion at 23, Hopkins collected a total payout of more than £165,000 ($200,000). Hell, fucking fantastic! 

                                            8. Champ destiny

      Rory McIlroy is a famous Northern Irish pro golfer. When he was 15 and had just won the Junior Ryder Cup, his dad Gerry McIlroy, who was also a golfer, and his three friends each made a £100 bet ($125) that Rory would win the British Open by the end of 2015. He could understand early that his son would be a champion. Rory won in 2014, only a year before the bet was up, and Gerry and his friends each earned about £50,000 ($85,000). The odds of their winning had been 250-1. Crazy bet. Overall, Rory won four majors before he turned 25. Fascinating career. 

                                           9. Magnificent Seven 

      Here come more and more impressive stories of sports. Jockey Frankie Dettori rode the winning horses in seven consecutive races to make history as the only jockey to do this in a fucking single day! Of course, some bet on it, two lucky bettors had each placed a bet on Dettori winning all seven races and walked away with $630,000 in their pockets. But there also was an unlucky woman who bet $0.75 on each race and won a total funny $210. If she had combined her bets, she would have earned $18,500. However, she is not the worst one. UK bookmakers were spectacularly unlucky, they lost over $37 million.

                     10. The riskiest and unknown English gambler

         In the UK an unknown man made a $125 bet on the combined results of eight football matches. All eight teams were losing, there were 20 minutes up, he bet on that all these losing teams would win! Incredible bet. An unbelievable outcome. All eight teams came back and won, wow!

  Hell, the unknown lucky guy walked away with £650,000 ($820,000), having successfully beaten odds of 6,500-1. 

Top 12 Craziest Bets Ever

                                         11. The 50p Millionaire

       Fred Craggs, a man in Yorkshire, to celebrate his 60th anniversary in 2008, placed a 50p bet (63 cents) on the combined outcome of eight horse races. We all know how it’s popular to bet on races in England. The odds of his winning all eight races were 2,800,000-1.

      Amazingly, all his horses won, and Craggs got a £1 million ($1.3 million) for his birthday. Happy fucking Birthday, Fred! Two of the horses that he picked in his bet were called Isn’t That Lucky, and A Dream Come True. And I suppose the dream came true.

                                              12. Costly bet

      While many couples have disagreements over sports, and not only over sports, one couple took it pretty far. John and Nicole Grant made a bet on a Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears game. The pair were drinking and decided that the winner of the bet would get to use (Oh no, shit) a stun-gun on the loser. It wasn't a money bet, but it was funny!

      Wife Nicole’s team, the Packers, lost, and husband John proceeded to taser Nicole in her rear end. The couple assured that Nicole wasn’t injured. It’s important. However, local authorities didn’t agree and charged John with possession of an electronic weapon and disorderly conduct. He was later fined $250. The following year, the couple again made a bet on a Bears-Packers game, which John lost this time. Luckily, he only had to wear a Packers jersey ‒ less hazardous wager than it was before, thank, God.