Top 30 Bachelor Party Challenges

Bachelor Party Challenges

Looking for top 30 bachelor party challenges? The tradition of bachelor party challenges has been handed down from generation to generation ‒ from grandfather to father, from father to son. Once you are all settled with your topical festivities, when it comes to the real bachelor party, it’s a must that you also organize fun challenges for the groom to either pass with dignity or get a well-deserved club fine and guest mockery. Ready?

Here is an extraordinary bachelor party task list to give you some ideas on how you can test the character and courage of your buddies ‒ just dare them!

Pub & Club Challenges

  • Smelly pint

The groom has to cover the top of the glass with his sock and drink it this way to the bottom. As a result, we get a wet sock and quite an unpleasant aftertaste in the bachelor’s mouth.

To make it even more fun, get a stranger’s sock and use it. 

  • An annoying dancer

When some kind of pop song begins to play, the groom should stand up and scream “This is my dance”, running out onto the dance floor. The poppy’s song, the better the effect.

This is one of those stags “do challenges” that almost everybody will find fun, with no drastic actions required. 

  • A garbage man

After the celebration, the “victim” has to collect all the leftovers on the table and throw them out. The additional level of difficulty is when you clean up someone else’s table. 

  • A big drunk

You should look for a physically fit guys in the club and ask the bartender to give them a “Blowjob” cocktail ‒ Amaretto, Bailey's, and whipped cream. If you have what it takes, you won’t be against the bartender pointing at you when they serve the mocking drink. This should tickle the nerves. 

  • Girly drunk

The groom can order any drinks all evening, but only drink them from traditional women’s cocktail glasses (Z-shaped, martini glass, etc.). It’ll be even more fun if they prefer daiquiri, sex on the beach, Margarita, and other women's drinks.

  • Triple danger

The groom is challenged with getting a selfie where he is kissed by the blonde, the brunette, and the red-hair at once. You can ease the conditions a bit if the groom is “too romantic”, asking for just a selfie with some girls.

Bachelor Party Challenges for the Groom with Moral Power

  • Feet lube

Make the hero of the occasion lick a random “victim’s” foot from heel to toe, sexually sucking a finger at the end.

  • The strongest in the world

Challenge a random guest in push-ups and defeat them. If the physical form allows, do repetitions as slowly as possible.

  • Brazilian party

Stick some wax stripes on the groom’s hairy area and tear them off every time the code word is pronounced. The use of Gaff tapes will provide some additional “sensations”.

  • Massage

The task is to massage a random club/pub visitor. It will be especially fun if you arrange a “guy on guy” massage.

  • Free shot

The groom must buy a shot, lie down on the bar (table), put the drink upon his body and wait until someone drinks the shot voluntarily or for money. An extra glass in the groom’s mouth will make this task a lot harder.

Lasting Challenges

  • Half-baked

The groom has to use the cheapest, dark artificial tan all weekend. Resulting spots all over the body or panda eyes will look quite impressive.

  • Antisocial media

The hero of the day sets the most personally embarrassing photo as an avatar on social networks. Friends can support him by doing the same.

  • Vegetable peeling

The task is to peel the potato with the help of teeth. Covering the shell with chili sauce will add some special flavor to the challenge.

  • A new style

Dye the “victim's” hair in an extreme color. It is desirable that the color is washable, especially, if the wedding is the next day.

  • Garbage hunter

Over the weekend, the groom must get all the items from the list: a condom, a bra, a local souvenir, soap for the urinal, a bottle of sauce, a selfie with chicken; without spending a dime on it all.

Unbridled Joy

  • Lost friendship

You should convince a random person on the phone that they know you well. You can introduce yourself as anyone: a schoolmate, friend of a friend, granddaughter of a second cousin’s aunt. The main thing is to make them believe. 

  • Awkward phone call

Pretend to have an embarrassing, intimate telephone conversation asking to renew a relationship and make it loud. 

  • Loser magician

Convince a random crowd that you are going to show a magic trick. Without doing anything supernatural, hold their attention for the specific stretch of time (10 minutes, for instance). Makeup will add interest (drawn mustache, beard, etc.) to the pun.

  • Mimic

Mimic all the movements of random guests during the agreed time so that they do not notice anything. The true mastery will be the repetition of lip movements.

  • Doppelganger

You should pick a celebrity resembling the groom and then try to convince a random person that the groom is the authentic star. It will be more fun if the appearance of the star does not at all correspond to the hero of the occasion.

  • I'll be back

Make the groom talk like a Terminator for a day. For additional interest, make him also change the appearance in every other club/pub visited.

  • Friendliness

Wink at the bartender every time you buy a drink. In the end, slip him your phone number.

  • Professional provocations

Every time a challenger meets a policeman, a firefighter or a man in a fancy dress, they should note how they love men in uniform. You can try the same with club guards.

Bachelor Party Dares for All

  • Refusal

One must say no right before they are offered a drink. If they forget to do it in time, they are obliged to drink the whole drink “bottoms up”.

  • Shark attack

During the celebration, anyone can shout “Shark attack”. Everyone has to jump, and the last one off the floor should drink.

  • Entrepreneur

The participant who gets the largest number of free drinks during the evening wins.

  • President’s security

When any of the guests say the phrase “Mr. President ”, the rest should take him in a ring depicting bodyguards. The last person to react is considered a drinking loser.

  • Swear punishment

Every swear word is compensated by a guilty person putting their head on the table and holding it there until someone else curses. If the action takes place outside, a palm on the face will be enough.

  • The best gatherer

The winner is the one who takes the largest item from the pub/club.

Which challenges have you already tried? Which would you still like to try? Share in the comments!