Top 5 Most Funny Wagers of All Time

Top 5 Most Funny Wagers of All Time

The rich and the poor have their own games. Gamers, athletes, players… Everyone has something that occupies their professional interest and excitement. Well, sometimes that is not enough. There are many websites where strangers offer money for some fun and sometimes dangerous actions. They do crazy things to win money or prove strength to others. Gambling men begin to come up with stupid bets. 

Top 5 Most Funny Wagers of All Time

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1. The 10k Dollars Burger Challenge

Howard Lederer is a very famous poker player. He won the two large poker tournaments and earned about $ 6 million during his career. Despite his success, he had problems with food. Overeating and obesity arose due to the player’s sedentary career. Doctors warned him that such a lifestyle and food choices could become fatal for him. They insisted that the player become a vegan and refuse various junk food. Lederer followed the doctor’s advice and lost 75 pounds. 

Seeing this whole situation, another gambler, David Gray, offered Howard a $ 10,000 bet. He assured that Lederer wouldn’t dare to eat a cheeseburger due to the fear of his life. Oh, he was mistaken. Howard gladly ate this cheeseburger, won ten thousand dollars and said that there is nothing tastier in the world than free food. Well, better don't mess with gambling men, guys!

2. Bet Against Cancer

John Matthews was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors said that he wouldn`t live for more than 5 months. But instead of being upset, he decided to play with death. He created a bet and claimed that he could live much longer. So, the longer he lived, the more he earned. For the first year after the diagnosis, he earned more than 8 thousand dollars! But that didn`t stop him. On the contrary, it only fueled his excitement that it was he who could deceive death. The following year, he earned the same amount of money. 

The more time passed, the higher were the stakes. He could have earned even more, but unfortunately, he died in May 2010. However, by that time, he managed to become richer by 17 thousand dollars.

3. Drag Bet by Richard Branson

The well-known businessman and owner of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson, offered the head of Air Asia, Tony Fernandes, a very interesting bet. Branson argued that the Virgin Racing Team in Formula One would take a higher place than Lotus Racing. The loser should dress up in a female flight attendant uniform and spend the flight on the winner’s airline. The bet was confirmed. 

As a result, Lotus came first and on May 12, Branson had to make his flight. He did makeup, shaved his legs, put on heels, female uniform and served a charity flight on Air Asia.

4. Lost Wife in a Poker Game

You know, poker is an exciting game. Like any gambling game, it’s risky. Many people are addicted to gambling and can lose not only money but all their property. One Russian player Andrei Karpov stepped even further. During the game against Sergey Brodov, he did the incredible thing. He put his wife at risk! As you may have guessed, he lost. His wife Tatyana was furious. She said her husband humiliated her with this. Later, she said that as soon as she found out about the stupid bet, it would not matter if her husband won or lost, she already decided that she would divorce him. 

But that’s not all. Brodov initially didn't like the idea and he was against that poker game. After he “won” the wife of his opponent, he apologized to her. He was an attractive and interesting man and quickly won the heart of Tatiana. They got married soon. Tatyana said: “I am very happy with him, he is a wonderful husband, even though he won me in a card game.”

5. Man Boobs Bet

The professional backgammon player Brian Zembik is known for strange stupid bets. He agreed to live in the bathroom for a month for 15 thousand dollars and sleep in a box for 25 thousand dollars. The Canadian player did not stop there. After he had lost all his money at bets, he decided to agree to a previously unimaginable bet. He argued with another player Jobo and they didn`t agree with each other in a conversation about breast augmentation surgery. Zembrick believed that there was nothing dangerous and complicated, Jobo did not agree with him. That’s how they decided to make a bet. If Zembik dares to make 38C boobs and live with them for one year, he will receive $ 100000. Zembik agreed. 

After Jobo found out that Zembik was seriously preparing for the operation, he wanted to buy out the bet for 50 thousand dollars, but Zembik refused. But even after fulfilling the conditions of the bet, a year later, Brian did not remove his breast and has been wearing it to this day. This breast made him a celebrity and he said that he would take it away only when his 6-year-old daughter asked him about it.

Top 5 Most Funny Wagers of All Time