TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History


Cricket is not a game for the fainthearted. Every IPL season we witness professional cricketers get their teams to the top out of what seemed to be no-win situations. Such performances take not only luck but a good set of perfectly polished skills.

Years pass by and each IPL match gives us the joy of witnessing many breathtaking moments. We took the liberty of assembling the list of the best cricketers to determine the best finisher in the IPL.

Best IPL finishers

6. Joss Buttler

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

The young English batter, Joss Buttler, is really a “do-it-all”, as he has shown himself capable of doing almost anything. His universality is not always beneficial, but it can be said with certainty – he is one of the best finishers IPL has ever seen, judging by the accuracy and distance he sends the balls while batting.

Thanks to his skill of precisely directing the ball to any part of the field, Buttler made a name for himself. Just not so long ago, during the 2016 IPL season, he managed to score ninety runs making only fifty hits. This performance gave him an unofficial title of the world’s best finisher in IPL.

5. Hardik Pandya

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

Number 5 on our list is preserved for the Indian versatile player – Hardik Pandya. Even though his name is at the beginning of the list, Hardik is considered to be one of the best batters at the moment.

He made his first appearance in 2015 with Mumbai Indians and quickly became the ballsiest batsman, known for the tight grip of the situation on the field and high level of precision when hitting.

The completion of innings with the highest hitting rate led his team to obtain at least 4 titles in IPL. His achievements as of now make 1400 runs with a total hitting rate of 160.

Probably his best finish was performed in 2017 during the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders match. His team was too far behind when Hardik Pandya took his position with the bat replacing Kieron Pollard and almost instantly started scoring. Hardik performed a marvelous spree, first firing twelve runs in just four balls which was followed with another outstanding set of seventeen runs in 5 balls. Many people have started saying that Hardik was the best finisher in IPL history since then. However, we still have some names for you.

4. Andre Russell

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

While determining the best finisher in IPL, this name cannot be omitted – Andre Russell. Being one of the most resultative batters, his best finishes have been performed in IPL.

During the period of his presence in the West Indies the overall team’s performance has increased drastically. For instance, their strike rate made 137 in 75 games.

However, he made his best finish with Kolkata Knight Riders in 2019. During that match with Royal Challengers Russell performed 47 runs in just 13 balls. KKR were then far behind the required positions, and Andre brought it to them on a plate.

Overall during his career in IPL Russel made over 660 successful runs in about 40 overs. His best strike rate was as high as 220 between the 18th and 21st overs.

3. Kieron Pollard

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

The 34-year-old batter from Trinidad makes a powerful duet with Hardik Pandya, as both of them were at the core of Mumbai Indians’ success during those past years.

In the 2013 match against Sunrisers Hyderabad Pollard brought his team 8 sixes in twenty-seven innings. He came out into the field and performed the precise devastating spree right when Mumbai had lost all their hope.

Pollard is one of the most resultative players in the history of IPL. And truly can be named the IPL best finisher.

2. AB de Villiers

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

Called by fans “Mr 360” Villiers is really far ahead of all other professional players, thus having not so many who can oppose him. He can undoubtedly be considered the best finisher in the IPL.

Royal Challengers Bangalore is the team he joined almost ten years ago and since then produced his best finishes in their ranks.

He has got himself into the top 10 best striking rates by the IPL version, having it as high as 152. Moreover, Villiers is the master of sixes – his rate is 236 which is the second-highest result in the world.

He revealed his clutching mastery during the match against Rajasthan Royals in 2020 where he brought a tremendous victory to Challengers with 55 off sending the opposing team home in tears.

1. MS Dhoni

TOP 6 Best Finishers In IPL History

Speaking about legends here, MS Dhoni has become the icon of Indian cricket. Even though his results have decreased lately, IPL has witnessed some of his best finishes with Chennai Super Knights and Rising Pune Supergiant.

Dhoni’s personal score in the IPL is 23 hundred runs during death overs and a hitting rate of 190. As for sixes, his position comes right after de Villers, making him the third in the world.

One of his countless huge performances came during the match against Punjab Kings in 2016. He reached 23 runs during the last overs bringing his team to victory.


All six players on the list similarly deserve the right to be named one. All of them had their ups and downs, and all of them are the best in their own way. So, who is the best finisher in the IPL? For us, it is obviously the legendary captain MS Dhoni.