Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

Top 6 Catches in IPL history: 2020-2021 Update

Top 6 Catches in IPL history: 2020-2021 Update


There is a saying that a good catch can win a match. Ever since IPL has come into force, the good catching abilities of the players have become more important than before. Catching a ball or preventing an opponent from doing so can be a life-changing thing during a match.

The new IPL season is almost here, so we thought it would not hurt to remind the public about the cricketers who have the most catches in IPL 2020.

So, we present to you our selection of six, to our mind, most resultative catchers in the world.

1. Suresh Raina – number of catches: 102 

Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

First in this collation is the unbeatable holder of too many records to count – Suresh Raina. His versatility makes him one of the best players in the world. The way he behaves on the field is out of this world, so he is considered to be the finest fielder as well. Apart from making most catches in IPL, he is also distinguished by the tactical vision and the talent of taking different field positions.

For almost two hundred games Raina’s record is astonishingly impressive – 102 catches. Being a left-hander, his average catch rate per inning is .531, and that is one of the best results for fielders. Raina is the only T20 field player whose catch number is more than 100. The only Indian player who performed as many catches is the keeper Dinesh Karthik. However, we did not include him on this list, as he is not technically a fielder.

2. AB de Villiers – number of catches: 84 

Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

Speaking further about versatility, AB de Villiers is the one player who stands out as good as Raina. Formerly a keeper he can boast of some decent fielding expertise. Despite his age (and he is 37 at the moment), de Villiers is in better physical condition than ever, able to take on border screamers with one hand. He preserves the second place on our list for performing some best catches in IPL 2020.

His record of 84 catches was achieved in slightly more than 120 innings. So, his average catch rate per inning is .694, which is even better than Raina’s, and is the best rate in the world. Two teams with which he performed the best catches are Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils.

3. Rohit Sharma – number of catches: 83 

Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

Closely after AB de Villiers by one catch comes Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians’ top-rated captain. Though he is not as “splashy” on the field as other players on this list, Rohit steadily does his job and with each inning brings his team closer to victory. 

Debuted with Mumbai, Rohit then switched to Deccan Charges for a couple of years, after which returned to Indians. It was with Mumbai that Sharma reached his best performance. 83 catches in 188 innings make his average catch rate as high as .441. His performance has not brought him the status of a player who has the highest catches in IPL rate, but he is getting there, and having a place among the top 5 is saying something, don’t you think?

4. Kieron Pollard – number of catches: 82 

Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

Pollard finishes the legendary trio of the best catchers as he is just one catch behind Rohit Sharma, and it takes him to place number 4 here. One of his numerous professional abilities is the skill to send the ball flying while jumping both at long-on and long-off.

Being a player with the most catches in IPL 2020, Pollard has produced some breathtaking performances since the start of his IPL career. A devoted representative of Mumbai Indians, Kieron made 82 catches in 148 innings. So, his catch rate is .554 which is almost the same as Raina’s.

5. Virat Kohli – number of catches: 76 

Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

Kohli debuted in the IPL in 2008 with Challengers and is loyal to them up till now. The man is a legend. An outstanding batsman and one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Kohli currently holds the position of captain and is a very passionate and devoted player.

Virat’s catching record is 76 in 192 innings, so his catch rate is the lowest in this list, just .395. Nevertheless, he deserves some credit for all recent successes of Challenges. Just for the record, in 2021 Kohli became the first-ever IPL player who reached six thousand runs. Now, how cool is that?

6. Dwayne Bravo – number of catches: 74 

Top 6 Players with Most Catches in IPL History

The last name on our list of top catches in IPL is the Trinidadian cricketer Dwayne John Bravo. He is a versatile player and his all-aroundness often comes in handy for the team. Being more than an exceptional batter, Bravo usually runs all over the field helping his teammates.

Bravo was playing for Gujarat Lions and Mumbai Indians for a while. Now he represents Chennai Super Kings. Dwayne made 74 catches in 133 innings and has a pretty good catch rate of .556. 


There is nothing as fascinating as cricket. This selection of players who made the most catches in IPL 2020 demonstrates that. Every player here is unique in their way, and of course, you cannot be perfect in everything. But they bloody try to.