Top Women Bodies in Pro Wrestling

        They were no longer simply known as women in the late '90s, they were' divas.' They had their own divisions, names, and storylines. It seemed every fan had their favourite. Going back to the beginning of the WrestleMania era, this list takes a look at the greatest women wrestlers and personalities in WWE.


       Chyna proved that she was never afraid of getting involved. She was tough, provoked easily, and didn't care about distributing a mean low blow twice.Chyna was involved in several unforgettable feuds with Chris Jericho and Jeff Jarrett, in addition to her successful DX streak. In an entertaining relationship with Eddie Guerrero, she even showed off her romantic side. 

       Her physical appearance changed drastically over the years, but with fans she remained reliably famous. She wrote a best-selling book while at WWF and graced the cover of Playboy.


      Sable undoubtedly had the greatest run ever in the WWF for a Diva, but it didn't last too long. She initially entered the business in 1996 alongside Hunter Hearst Helmsley. They were both not meant to be and she provided her managerial services to Marc Mero, her real-life husband. 

      In popularity, Sable rapidly surpassed him and started attracting the best crowd reactions in the entire company, next to Steve Austin. This was turned into an angel by the WWF, and she feuded with Mero, her jealous husband, and Jacqueline, his new valet.  

       The WWF and Sable didn't, however get along. She turned a heel that damaged her reputation tremendously. She quit the organization afterwards, claiming sexual harassment.  She wanted to sue them for 110 million dollars, but in 2003, she was suddenly brought back.

Miss Elizabeth

      Miss Elizabeth, the first lady" of professional wrestling, was the target of lust for many men in the 1980s, as well as Randy Savage, "The Macho Man" 

      Elizabeth was no wrestler at all. She did not have to be. She didn't even have promos to cut. Her appearance was sufficient for her to become one of the most famous wrestling stars of her day.

      Maybe no other female actor has been in as many unforgettable storylines as Elizabeth in WWF history. 

      With Hulk Hogan and Savage, she was an important part of the SuperPowers tag team, and was the root of the tension that ripped them apart. An emotional and enduring moment for the company was her eventual reunion with Savage.

      Elizabeth joined him soon after Savage left WWF for WCW and never appeared on WWF TV again. 

      Tragically, at the age of 42, Elizabeth passed away from a drug overdose in 2003.


      Who would have guessed that one of the greatest female stars in WWE history would become Essa Rios' valet? 

     When Steve Austin and The Rock were running the show in the Attitude Era, a major part of getting in the teenage and female audience was Lita's run with the Hardy Boyz and Team Extreme. 

      In the ring, Lita was glamorous and she was flat-out cool. She was a woman that girls could look up at and that guys would love to date. 

      She didn't seem to bother giving her fans a little bit of a display, as getting her thong exposed was her signature look. Not quite did she mind busting out a moonsault now and then. 

     Over the years, her on-and-off feud with Trish Stratus was the best rivalry the women's division has ever had. The two faced off in one of only two occasions where Raw was the main event of a women's match. 

     For almost a year-and-a-half a dreadful neck injury put her out of action, but she came back as good as ever. Lita retired long before fans would have wanted her to because of her bad neck and a willingness to try other projects.