What it is like to be in your student's shoes these days

What it is like to be in your student's shoes these days

How has university life changed over the years? How does it feel to be an undergraduate of a new generation? What is a real pain in the ass for current students? Who makes them laugh or cry, or makes them laugh until they cry? When first considering these questions, I could not help but think of the many overwhelming events that occurred this and last years including the social distancing, canceled classes, mandatory curfews, and lack of resources. Particularly these and many other issues are difficult to explain in just a few words. That is why I looked through the Internet far and wide for the most hilarious 40 memes which show the reality of being a student, according to students. 

Microsoft Word feelings for its users run hot and cold - first click and your document look perfect, next click and the whole work is screwed up. I am pretty sure that everyone has faced such an attitude and not only once.

Stay sharp, your university professors are watching you. Just keep it in mind next time you post a tweet. I must admit that Roger A. Freedman definitely has a good sense of humor as a physics educator and textbook author. 

I used to get cold feet every time I felt the teacher standing behind my back and skimming through my test. No one is safe from such a situation so read the question thoroughly to make everything clear. 

Who told you that auto correction was meant to make your life easier? The other way round, it was designed to change correctly spelled words and skip obviously misspelled ones. Just double-check your autocorrect when instead of “morning run” you accidentally on purpose type “morning rum”. 

This is what happens to you when you pull an all-nighter to study for an important exam right before it, and when the big day comes, you simply do not give a damn about it as eventually, nature took its course.  

At a very young age the peas, who were in fact quite early, were very minute in size. Bear very young, small, early peas in mind every time you are required to write an essay and increase its word count. 

Whenever it comes to a group project you either do all the work by yourself or get a bad grade as the rest of your team, so make the right choice and rely on yourself first.  

Suspension of face-to-face teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to concerns about students' progress. As a result, new test instructions were introduced until things would slowly return back to normal. 

Student life requires quick decisions if you are not willing to сurse the day you picked your major, but remember that haste makes waste.  

That is the right way to manage your time effectively. Being a student can be not only fun but tough at times if you do not learn how to organize your time properly. 

Hope you are not trying to complete your current home assignment now while scrolling and checking out memes of students’ life be like. If so, you had better get back to work, dude. 

Google docs join not only common files and tasks but spirits and souls like these two ships passing in the night. Well, it is always good to know that there is someone else who puts it off till the last moment. 

A situation when your teacher is about to switch off the Powerpoint but you are still taking notes and what is more, you are an introvert so you do not ask the prof to wait. That is exactly the situation when your phone camera will come in handy. 

I bet it hurts but teachers are human beings too who make mistakes and apologize for them in front of their students. So every time when you feel like blaming your teacher for all your failures, mind that they can also cuss and even curse. 

Take a look at this pic and you will get an answer to the question how often things you study coincide with things you are asked on the exam.  

This photo proves that necessity is the mother of invention. Being a student means to be savvy and innovative, especially when you have got no money. 

Now a poor coyote will have to pay off his debt by working and getting part-time jobs that will end up leaving him sleep-deprived and depressed.

This might be the only school test that actually prepares students for the real world. A typical example: job offers for programmers which require 5 years of experience in a technology that has only been around for 3 years.

Another proof that teachers are humans too. They feel, they cry, they hurt just like you. Hopefully, his students will not get such a question in their test why the professor was absent last two classes two weeks ago.

This meme describes best the ones who prefer to live on the edge and do things in the nick of time. I bet every student once in a while experienced that with Turnitin at 11:59 pm. 

When you know that you did an awful job, but you are just proud of the fact that you actually completed your task despite its quality. 

I am always used to looking ahead to a better future but not this time. 2040 does not seem very promising at least in terms of inventions and innovations. 

If you graduate from an American college today, this pretty much sums it up. In case you have any doubts regarding tuition fees at American colleges, check them out on the Net yourself. 

A typical morning struggle after a couple of all-nighters in a row when you cannot rise and shine but can caffeinate and hope for the best. 

Leaving class 20 minutes earlier is disrespectful to professors but it is a normal practice used by professors to their students. 

This meme speaks for itself but let me clarify what attendance means indeed. Attendance allows you to hear and read what you are supposed to know, and so you can learn the subject properly, and will have a chance not to fail it. So, yes, attendance does affect your grades.

Both teachers at school and professors at college might have high expectations of you but it is only up to you whether to deepen your knowledge in the subject to meet their demands or not.

Nothing can stop you when you need food either for thought or existence no matter whether you are freshmen or seniors. 

No matter how dangerous or grueling your studying path is, there are always lifeboats and lifeguards around to escape from the sinking ship. 

In light of recent events, you have got to measure your temperature first and also check your pulse to see if you are still alive to pass your finals. 

In the 20th century, it was just a weird lump that would appear on your finger in exam season from using a pen so damn much. In the 21st century, you suffer from a swollen brain, sore back, and red eyes due to online studies. 

This is how people are faking their way through life but Google can be of great help too if only you know what exactly to google.  

When all you want to do is to sleep, but you know that attendance counts for 15% of your final grade, so you have no choice. 

Modern problems require modern and cheap solutions. This is a typical student’s party when you have enough money for booze and somehow lack 99 cents for paper cups. 

A situation when your teachers forgot to share their screen and you are in a class full of introverts, so they do not say a word about it, which makes you unsure if it is a problem with your personal screen or the teacher really is not sharing. 

Calm down and do not despair as fast food chains are constantly hiring. So far McDonald's remains the largest employer that takes on 1 million employees per year. 

You had better ask someone who used to be a student of your current prof rather than a prof's previous student. Just because you cannot be a student of a person who is not a prof anymore, hope that now it makes more sense. 

When your alarm goes off and you are trying to count how many times you have already missed that class and what would be the consequences. 

McDonald's is the world's largest fast-food restaurant chain and one of the best-known brand names. The company has more than 39,000 locations in about 100 countries. 

That is the real origin of how the main character of the movie “IT” was born. An ordinary student who has already pulled a couple of all-nighters and is now in debt because of his tuition fee, and consequently angry, hungry, and evil.