When Should We Expect the PUBG New State Official Release in India?

With the PUBG New State soon to be available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, the classic player unknown fun becomes a mobile sensation that can be accessed by so many new players. Especially those living in countries where one cannot always afford a PC. This is why everybody’s been so excited about the mobile PUBG release date in India. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact release date at the moment. But we already can take a look at the game’s major system requirements.

What do we know about the PUBG mobile India update right now?

Currently, the pre-registration period for the mobile PUBG fun for Indian players is full-on. We know for sure that the official launch should take place right after the pre-registration ends. According to the date listed on the game's App Store page, PUBG: New State might be released in India on October 8, as originally reported by IGN India. If this is accurate, it will be 4 months following Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India release in India. 

There is no word about whether or not PUBG: New State will have a public beta. Nonetheless, given Krafton's track record, the game is set to be released on the beta channel before the game's full-on release when pre-registrations are completed.

Furthermore, a Twitter user known as PlayerIGN has posted an image of what appears to be the PUBG: New State system requirements. Krafton's next game, according to the screenshot, will require Android 6.0 and 2GB of RAM to run. On iPhone 6s and higher, the software must be iOS 13.0 or above. The system requirements are nearly identical to those of Battlegrounds Mobile India, implying that PUBG: New State will operate on the majority of Android and iOS smartphones. Krafton may not require a lite version of the game due to its minimal system requirements, just as BGMI does not.

"Please note that PUBG: New State is still in production and will be tuned to work on a variety of various Android and iOS devices when it comes later this year," says Krafton in the same picture. However, no exact date of when we can expect to make a PUBG New State download has been set.

Meanwhile, the upcoming game’s executive producer Minkyu Park states that specialists at PUBG Studios are doing their best to provide the trademark battle royale experience that only they can deliver for Indian players. He also added that everybody on the team is perfectly aware of how much India-based players enjoy and love PUBG, as well as how much they expect the more accessible PUBG New State version. 

The last mile, according to the game’s executives, is delivering a smooth, high-performance experience for all mobile battle royale enjoyers out there.

When Should We Expect the PUBG New State Official Release in India?