Who will win Khatron ke khiladi ticket to finale

One of the most fascinating shows Khatron Ke Khiladi never ceases to entertain its fans, whose number is growing at a high rate. The 11th season of the show will soon come to its finale. The show’s host Rohit Shetty revealed the ticket to the finale. The episode of September 5 began with the competition to get the Ticket to Finale.

Who will win Khatron ke khiladi ticket to finale

Sana and Shweta were disqualified from the race. Six contestants were left to compete for the Ticket: Vishal, Divyanka, Abhinav, Arjun, Varun, and Rahul. Each of them needed to show their best performance to become the Winner.

The host Rohit Shetty had prepared some new thrilling tasks for the participants. What kind of tasks these would be? The audience was waiting on the edges of their seats to get to know them and the Winner as well.

First stunt of the Ticket to Finale

It was a partner stunt. One participant was hanging on a crane, another one was in the cannon. At the beginning of the stunt, he or she had to jump into the water, swim towards the ladder, and light the cannon. After this, another participant was ejected from the cannon and had to swim to the end mark and press the button which lighted the smoke bomb.

The partners in this stunt were Varun and Rahul, Divyanka and Abhinav, Vishal and Arjun. Vishal and Arjun were the slowest, it took them 1 minute 43 seconds to complete the tasks. Hence, didn’t go on with the competition. Varun and Rahul managed to do everything in 1 minute 30 seconds. Divyanka and Abhinav had the best result – 1 minute 9 seconds.

Varun, Rahul, Divyanka, and Abhinav proceed to the next challenge.

Second stunt of the Ticket to Finale

It was a partner stunt as well. One of the partners was locked in a car with locked steering. Another contestant had to find the key to open the car. When the car started moving, the truck with twenty flags moved too. The participants had to drive the car next to the truck and pick up all the flags from the truck before it arrives at the end mark.

Rahul and Divyanka picked up 13 flags and won this competition. Varun and Abhinav collected fewer flags (10) and didn’t go on with the race for the Ticket to Finale.

Final stunt of the Ticket to Finale

In the final stunt, there were two contestants left – Divyanka and Rahul. Their task was to come down from a hanging bus using a ladder. After that, they had to pick up the hanging dummies and put them next to the car. Then they had to open the car and finally fire the detonator.

Divyanka dealt with the task first and became the Winner of the Ticket to the Finale!