Why is betting so complex?

Why is betting so hard?


But with all the apparent simplicity and easiness, in reality, betting turns out to be much more complicated. Why? Well, let’s think it over. 

Most of us believe that betting is like a test of how much we know about a particular kind of sport. And this misconception is quite common. Having a good knowledge of hockey or volleyball doesn’t mean that betting on these kinds of sports will win you money easily. 

It’s not easy to equate doing with talking © Nassim Nicholas Taleb 

In truth, betting is a competition between two people trying to be the best in the prediction of future outcomes. To do this and reach financial efficiency, one may have required lots of time and energy for enhancing his betting skills. Frankly speaking, none of the betters has a clear understanding of how many people are in the betting “business”. And – let’s face the truth – competition is the motivation for many. And as far as the betting market becomes more skilled, the less influenced results are. To be clearer, luck becomes more influenced. 

Each day betting becomes more and more difficult without an appreciation of the influence of luck – that is why betting is often even potentially dangerous. And even being a good psychologist doesn’t help it. It’s quite a challenging job to be good at betting, but what is even more difficult it’s not knowing if you are a skilled bettor or not. 

Being a sports gambler, especially the avid one, one already knows a thing – it’s too hard to win money consistently with betting on the sport. So much time you spend doing players or teams research. In addition, let’s not forget about the necessity of consulting with experts, considering the best sportsbook platforms for best odds, etc. And after all these great efforts and hard work, the possible loss may hurt you even more. 

Sometimes we don’t want to be serious bettors and all we want is just to do betting with our friends. It’s a relaxing thought sometimes when you know that the money you’ve lost is won by your friend but not some stranger. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve created mimy. 

With mimy you don’t need to know all those complex coefficients, do math calculating your possible winnings, know a lot about how the world of sports is running. If you are more into debating with your friend about any event that is even far from, sports and do it just for fun, mimy is right for you. One of the coolest cases we’ve applied mimy to was our own battle in one of the most famous online games. Clan vs clan with additional bets from spectators and teammates. Though it was during our beta test and we had no real money there, it sure did help us spice our clash a bit and give us a portion of excitement. 

So, why not consider changing your approach and trying something new?