Frequently asked questions

1. What is mimy?

mimy is a platform that provides an opportunity to predict the outcome of any event and allows customers to bet against each another. You may create your own events and outcomes, share your predictions with friends through social networks, invite friends to compete and manage privacy settings, creating a private or public bets. All bets form a total prize pool. The total money bank is distributed among the winners. Winners are users who have placed a bet on a confirmed winning bet outcome.

How is it different from betting? This is the innovative platform that gives you an option to choose any event from the list as well as create your own events and share them with friends. No complex coefficients calculation, everything is simple.

2. How is it different from betting?

This is the innovative platform that gives you an option to choose any event from the list as well as create your own events and share them with friends. The user does not need understanding of coefficients calculation or ask for specific additional markets and events.

3. Is it legal?

Of course, our resource provides services in accordance with the current legislation of your region. You may find a current license information in the corresponding section of the site.

4. How do I open an account?

You can create an account by clicking the “Sign Up” button. You'll be directed to our registration page where you need to enter some details: your email and personal information, contact details, password.

Please note that your email cannot be changed once you've completed registration.

Before submitting your details please make sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

5. Can I change my personal information?

You have to enter the “Profile” section and choose “Basic information”. Information you can edit is your first and last name, address. Remember to press “Save changes” to save your changes. If you need to change any other information, then please contact Support.

6. What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, simply click here and follow the instructions.

You will receive an email from us containing a link to verify your security answers.

After clicking the link you will be able to set a new password. (Please check your junk/spam folders in case our email is not recognized).

7. How should I choose an event?

Feel free to choose any event of your interest. No rules, just choose topics you are interested in.

8. How to place a bet?

Go to the “Feed” page where you can find a list of events.

Choose (for an example) sport/esport from the list and point the discipline on your choice

In the chosen discipline choose the tournament you wish and the game you will be making your bet on. Afterward, you will be forwarded to the bet-confirmation page

After you go to the betting page You will have an option to choose between outcomes where you need to choose one of these options.

Once you've made your choice, you will see the panel where you can set the amount of your bet and also view the start time of the event, betting end time and your winnings.

After you confirm your bet, you can trace it in your personal account.

9. How can I make a deposit into my account?

If you feel that the amount on your balance is not enough or you basically are out of money, you can easily make a deposit. It’s really simple: click on the DEPOSIT button, put the amount you wish to have, and enjoy mimy!

10. What’s the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit?

The minimum deposit is ₹75 or equivalent in other currencies. There is no maximum amount you can deposit.

11. How can I see my transactions?

You can find your transactions by clicking on your profile at the top right and go to the balance section of it.

12. What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is ₹750 or equivalent in other currencies.

13. Do you deduct a fee?

mimy charges a 10% commission only from the winnings. In case of cancellation of the event or if it did not take place, the commission is not charged as the amount of bet comes back to your account.

14. Do I need to verify my account?

For security reasons you need to pass the verification of your account before first withdrawal. To do this, please provide scanned copies or photos of your passport/ID card/driver licence. The copy should be in color, clear, easy to read. Pages should be completely visible, without blurred unclear parts. The spread of the passport must be in a single image. The passport number as well as stamps should be clearly visible on all pages, where they are present in the original document.

15. What events are allowed to be added?

Feel free to create any event of interest just for you, just choose the topics you are interested in. Please, mind that we don't allow events:

  • related to pornography, or any content or services intended to be sexually gratifying;
  • related to violence, or incite hatred against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization;
  • that lack reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalize on a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, or other tragic event;
  • contain or facilitate threats, harassment, or bullying;
  • facilitate or promote illegal activities;
  • are based of the events the outcome of which cannot be determined.

16. How to create an event in general?

For creating any kind of event, its subject should always be indicated in the Title and/or in the Outcome. Note: each event must have the winning outcome; in some cases, even a Draw can be the winning outcome.

Example 1

Title: Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Who will win the 1st half?


Real Madrid



17. What is the minimum/maximum bet amount?

The minimum bet amount is ₹20 or equivalent in other currencies. The maximum bet amount is 375 000 ₹or equivalent in other currencies.

18. How many events can one user create per day?

The number of events created by one user is limited by 5 events per day.

19. How can I look through the tutorial once again?

To start the tutorial please click the following link

20. What happens if an event is interrupted?

If an event is interrupted due to a technical problem with the mimy systems or services and if it cannot continue as expected the bets are automatically voided. All the unsettled bets which were placed on that event are automatically voided and the money from those voided bets is automatically returned to the players.

All the unmatched bets placed on an interrupted event will automatically be canceled and the money will be returned to the players.

If you believe that you have experienced problems which were not solved automatically, please contact Customer Service to discuss your issue.

21. How is the bet settled?

The amount of your bet is a part of the total bank amount. Therefore, the amount of your winning will depend on what proportion of the percentage ratio your bet will be.

22. When I bet on a team the winnings were given as one number, but after a while, a completely different amount was shown. Why is that?

The winnings from a given bet will be changing constantly depending on the total bank placed on outcomes up to the beginning of the match.

23. How to create an event with the advantage of one team?

If you want to create an event with "Handicap"(a difference in points or score in any kind of sport/esport event), you need to indicate it in the event title (Handicap).

FYI: A single Handicap occurs when there is a perceived difference in abilities between Team X and Team Y. The alleged superior team will be given an appropriate goal handicap to level the playing field for betting purposes i.e. -0.5 goal, -1 goal, -1.5 goals, etc. For example, if you bet on Team X with a handicap of -1 goal, they must win by more than one goal to cover their handicap and win you your bet. If they only win by one goal, the result with the handicap applied is a draw for betting purposes, so your bet is refunded. If Team Y draws or wins, you will lose your bet on Team X.

Example 1

Title: Barcelona vs Espanyol Handicap Match Result


Barcelona -1.5

Espanyol +1.5

Or you can indicate it like this

For example in esports

Example 2

Title: Astralis vs NaVi. Maps advantage


NaVi will not win one map

NaVi will win one map

24. Can I create an event with some event in the match?

Matches could have a lot of different actions and events such as "red/yellow cards, offsides, and penalties in football", breakpoints in Tennis. In esports it might be "First Blood" in "Dota 2", or "Who will win 1st round in CS:GO". You also can create events with all these things. Be sure to indicate it in the event title. For example:

Example 1

Title: Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer (Tie-break in 1st set)




Example 2

Title: Liquid vs Natus Vincere (1st Map. First Blood)




25. How to create a compilation of several kinds of actions?

You can combine different actions in one event, such as game time period (1st half, map, round, etc), Total or/and Handicap, or/and any events in the match (corners, penalties, red/yellow cards, etc).

Example 1

Title: Bayern Munich vs Tottenham.

Both team to score in the 1st half




Example 2

Title: Bayern Munich vs Tottenham

(1st Half Total yellow cards)


Over 1.5

Under 1.5

26. How to create a Total Over/Under event?

A total, or over/under, is a bet on the total amount of points scored by both teams in a game. For different disciplines, totals are different. In football, there can be goals, in esports rounds, or kills. Let's suppose you bet on Over 1,5, therefore, more than 2 goals must be scored during the match to win. And if your bet is on Under 1,5 - less than 2 goals must be scored during the match to win.

Another case: Over 2 - more than 2 goals must be scored during the match to win. Under 2 - less than 2 goals must be scored during the match to win. In the case of the bet being a whole number (under 2 goals, for example) then if the final score equals the exact number (2-0 or 1-1, in this case) then your bet will be refunded.

Example 1

Title: Premier League. Barcelona vs Espanyol

Over/Under Match Result


Over 2.5

Under 2.5

Example 2

Title: Dota 2. FURIA vs Gorillaz-Pride.

Total kills on map 1


Over 45.5

Under 45.5

27. How to create an event for a certain period of time?

If you want to create an event with different time periods, specify the time interval for the match in your event.

Example 1

Title: Barcelona vs Espanyol.

Who will win the first half of the match?





Let's suppose Barcelona will win by halftime and was your bet, your bet will win. If in the first half 0 goals are scored, there will be a draw.

Example 2

Title: FURIA vs Gorillaz-Pride.

Who will win the First Map?




Choose the team who wins the First map. If you bet team FURIA, and this team win the first map, your bet will win.

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