Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

In order for the services to work faster and be convenient, mimy has recourse to tracking technologies including cookies.

Cookies Definition

When you visit a website, your computer or smartphone downloads some information from it – this is cookies. They are usually information about you and your preferences – name, language, location, etc. When you return to this page, the computer checks if it has cookies with the name of this page and sends the data back to the site.

Registration data and other saved settings are loaded from cookies when you re-use a site. This reduces the load on the server, which means that the site loads faster. You also do not need to enter your login and password every time and change settings. The cookies’ main purpose is to make surfing the Internet more comfortable.

Cookies may contain the following data: IP address, name, location, login, password, phone number, OS version, device type.

There are many misconceptions concerning cookies. The most common of them is that with cookies you download viruses or spyware. This is a false belief since cookies are not executable files – not programs or scripts – but text fragments of data.

There are different sorts of cookies. Transient cookies are stored only while you are on the website. Persistent cookies cannot be deleted immediately.

First-party cookies are those from the resource you visited. Third-party cookies are generated by the resources you haven’t visited. These can be pages linked to advertisements. In this way, the advertiser tracks the actions on all sites that contain his advertisements.

mimy uses transient and persistent cookies, as well as first party and third party cookies.

Purposes of Using Cookies

The use of cookies gives mimy the following capabilities:

  • Saving user’s data during the whole time he/she uses mimy’s services.
  • Posting advertisements by third parties and providing them with access to information about visitors for targeted advertisements or website analytics purposes.
  • User identification.
  • Analysis of site traffic, research commercials efficiency, and their popularity.
  • Ensuring correct work of certain site sections.
  • Improving the usability and navigation of services.
  • Interactivity improving
  • Assurance of high quality of service and maximum user convenience and comfort.

mimy uses these categories of cookies: functional, tracking, analytical, session management, and fraud prevention cookies.

Using mimy’s services, you may find links to third-party resources. Remember that these resources have their own cookies. Therefore, we advise you to review their cookie policies.

Disabling Cookies

You have every right to block cookies. But remember that in this case, access to some of the content will not be available to you. You should decide what is more important to you – privacy or convenience and high speed.

The option to delete cookies is also available to you at any time. To do this, go to your browser settings, then to the history section, and clear cookies. You can also use special programs to delete history and cookies. Please remember that after deleting cookies, all personalized settings will be reset.

You can also make additional settings for cookies. For example, block third-party files, block cookies on individual sites, or all of them.

Please note that mimy does its best to allow users to access its services without downloading any cookies. However, mimy does not guarantee that cookies will not be loaded due to technical nuances.