Deposit and withdrawal policy

  1. There are various ways of depositing and withdrawing funds from the Customer's account. All deposit and withdrawal methods can be found in the “Finances” section.
  2. All withdrawal requests are processed 24/7. It can take up to up to seven (7) business days to process the request depending on chosen payment method. Please note that withdrawals may experience a slight delay due to the identity verification process. In the case of a withdrawal being made for the first time, a large withdrawal or changes being made to payment options, we may take additional security measures to ensure that you are the rightful recipient of the funds. To do this, we may require from you documents proving your identity, age, citizenship, residential address (national passport, residence permit, etc.) and/or other documents, which we may need to confirm data regarding your identity.
  3. mimy Security Service is entitled to:
    • decline cash withdrawal requests if deposits were made through e-payment systems.
    • refuse any withdrawal should the deposit or withdrawal amounts be inconsistent with bets placed. Permitted withdrawal amounts shall be calculated based on the amount of the bets placed from any given deposit.
    • refuse any withdrawal if the betting account is misused. In this case your account must be verified before withdrawal can take place.
  4. mimy Security Service does not recommend Customers:
    • transfer funds from one payment system to another;
    • deposit and withdraw funds without placing bets.
    In the foregoing events, funds will be returned to your account.
  5. You can only withdraw funds using the same payment details that were used for depositing funds into your account. If you use different methods to make a deposit, withdrawals should be proportionate to the deposits made using any particular method.
  6. mimy may refuse withdrawals via payment systems or in cash and offer a bank transfer as a substitute.
  7. If you have made 5 unsuccessful attempts for each Payment Method within 24 hours, mimy may restrict access to your account due to exceeding the number of unsuccessful attempts for security purposes.
  8. The administration does not recommend making deposits using someone else’s electronic wallet. The administration has the right to return funds to the holder of such electronic wallet without prior notification.
  9. In certain circumstances and in respect to certain customers mimy may decide not to reimburse service charges imposed by payment systems on deposits or withdrawals, which mimy usually reimburses.
  10. If the user doesn't abide by the mimy’s rules (doesn't follow it's Terms and Conditions, doesn't place a bet before withdrawal etc) mimyreserves a right to decline such withdrawal.