Responsible Gambling Policy


The main goals of mimy's activities are to support and encourage responsible gambling, as well as to stimulate the practice of responsible gambling

We are aimed at informing users about all the nuances of placing bets, including informing them about potential risks. The organization of the gambling process must be approached responsibly, otherwise, interesting leisure can cause serious financial losses, debts, and gambling addiction. It is necessary to place bets wisely, and if signs of gambling addiction appear, immediately contact specialists for professional help.

Key Rules of Responsible Gaming

mimy adheres to the principles of responsible gambling and promotes this approach not only within the company – mimy is also part of all associations in the sector. mimy stands against illegal gambling and those who violate the rules of responsible gambling.

A reasonable approach to gambling involves:

  1. Realization that gambling is just entertainment, not a tool to earn money or a way to relieve stress.
  2. Ability to spend the amount that is available. The main mistake of most players is the use of borrowed funds without any guarantees that they will be able to give money back.
  3. Using only “free money” – those that remain after meeting basic daily needs: paying utilities, buying food, transportation costs, etc.
  4. Not trying to recoup.
  5. Independence in decision making. The desire to place a bet should not be imposed.

Age Restrictions

No matter which interactive bets operator the player chooses, at the registration stage he/she will be asked about reaching the age of majority. Most countries’ legislation allows only people over 18 years of age to place bets. It is considered that at this age a person is already able to assess the consequences of his/her actions, and he/she can independently decide how to manage his/her finances. In some cases, the legal age may differ, for example, in some states of the USA, it is only allowed to place bets from the age of 21.

To eliminate the risk of providing services to minors, mimy uses sophisticated verification systems.

If you have children, and you are registered on the mimy’s website, you need to take certain precautions to prevent them from using your account:

  • do not use the option to remember passwords
  • store information about login and password out of the child reach
  • do not leave a computer, laptop, or smartphone with an open mimy’s website
  • use special software to restrict access to sites with gambling ( Cyber Patrol, GamBlock, Net Nanny, etc. )

Ways to Overcome Gambling Addiction

To prevent betting from causing significant financial losses, problems at work, and conflicts at home, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Decide the maximum amount you will spend per certain period of time. mimy allows you to set such limits in your account settings.
  2. Play dosed, that is, not every day and with a limited time for betting.
  3. Monitor the account. Each player needs to check the amount of money lost and won – this will show you if your gambling is successful and will help not spend too much. The best option is to make a profit and loss chart. You can make a profit and loss chart.
  4. Use time-out or self-exclusion options – they will help you to take a break from gambling for some time.
  5. Share your concerns with your family and friends to help cope with the gambling cravings.
  6. Find other hobbies not related to the world of gambling.
  7. Engage in introspection to figure out why you are gambling, how much you need it, what will happen if you completely abandon gambling.


You can independently control how much money you use for betting on mimy’s sites. To do this, set a deposit limit – this can be done at any time online, as well as by calling or emailing our support team.

You can set daily, weekly, or monthly betting limits. The betting limit determines the total amount that a player can spend on bets over a certain period.

In case of increasing the deposit limit, you will need to wait no less than the period of the deposit limit you have chosen. If the limit is reduced, all changes will take effect immediately.

If you set the deposit limit on this website, it is valid only here and not for all websites operated by mimy.

Time-out and Self-Exclusion

Time-out and self-exclusion options can help you to stay away from gambling for some time.

We offer our clients a short time-out of 24 hours or 7 days. You can also take a longer timeout – 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months of your choice. We block your account for the period you have chosen. If you open a new account on mimy’s website during a timeout period, we may suspend it.

The time-out option can be easily activated through the Menu tab. You can also contact our support team at [email protected].

After your time-out period has ended, we will automatically renew access to your account.

The self-exclusion option gives you an opportunity to temporarily exclude yourself from our website. You can choose 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, or indefinite exclusion. Your request will take effect immediately.

You will not be able to reactivate your suspended account during your chosen self-exclusion period.

mimy may block any account on any of the sites we operate that you open or use during your chosen self-exclusion period. We also have the right to forfeit funds therein and we are not responsible for refunding funds that you may have wagered or won through such an account.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

You should think about the fact that betting has become an addiction, and not just an exciting pastime, if:

  • you began to spend all your free time on this, giving up your hobbies and communication with friends
  • all your earnings go to bets, and sometimes you have to borrow in order to conclude another deal
  • it is impossible to stop, even if you realize that you're out of luck now
  • there is a need to recoup or a desire to improve your financial situation with the help of successful predictions
  • you have to lie to your family and friends about the amount of money and time spent on betting
  • a bad bet seems like a real tragedy
  • when you have difficulties at work or conflicts in the family, you immediately start gambling
  • because of the passion for gambling, your relationships with friends, relatives, and colleagues began to collapse
  • you react aggressively to people’s comments about gambling addiction.

Help for People with Gambling Addiction

At a certain stage, the passion for betting can become an uncontrollable addiction, which is impossible to cope with without the help of a specialist. There are a large number of organizations where people suffering from gambling addiction can get professional advice, for example:

Gamblers Anonymous

National Council on Problem Gambling

Gambling Therapy Helpline

In addition, there are regional rehabilitation centers, where clients are offered rehabilitation courses according to individual programs. Addiction treatment specialists can provide comprehensive psychological support, such as:

  • help in understanding the reasons for the formation of pathological cravings and fully understand the existing risks for the psyche and financial situation
  • getting rid of internal fears
  • giving you confidence that you are able to overcome gambling addiction
  • advising on what to do during a breakdown, how to avoid a return to compulsive betting and debts
  • drawing up a recovery plan taking into account the life situation in which you find yourself.

It is important for a person to understand that he/she is not alone with such a problem, and to ask for qualified help.

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