In this article, you will find the latest information on the League of Nations. We hope you find it helpful and you will discover something new. But if you already know everything, then it's time to place bets and make money on your knowledge.

The Nations League is another marketing ploy aimed at attracting a larger audience to the revamped tournament. Held once every two years by UEFA. This event made it possible to replace boring friendly matches with an incendiary confrontation between teams. For India, the championship has become significant, this can be seen from the huge number of TV views.

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About the UEFA Nations League

Is UEFA Nations League a new event? Yes, the inaugural match took place in 2018. In fact, it replaced the FIFA international friendly matches. Based on the number of football bets, we can conclude that the friendlies were unpopular with the fans, and the new tournament successfully attracted the attention of many spectators. In the 2018-2019 season, Portugal beat the Netherlands 1-0 in the final match.

Fifty-four teams took part in the first Nations League Tournament. They were divided into four divisions named League A, B, C, D. There were 12 teams at A and B Leagues, 14 at C, and 16 at D. Now the structure of the divisions has changed a little, and this year it is as follows: League A, B, C - 16 teams each, League D - 7 teams.

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2020-2021 season

The pandemic has made its own adjustments to the training conditions for professional football players. Some had to limit themselves to staying at home and cut back on exercise. Also, the quarantine gave the injured players extra time to recover. As a result, the sportsmen had a good rest and got in shape by the beginning of the season.

And after September 3, 2020, Indian TV viewers were able to notice an excellent game in which each team showed its best physical shape. The competition was really fierce! On the first day, ten games took place, and in most of them, the difference in points was no more than one. During each match, the tension remained: unexpected turns and spectacular goals.

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Current Fixtures

You already know that this year 55 participants are divided into four divisions in accordance with the coefficients of the national teams. The winners of each group of the first division will go to the final, representatives of the other divisions will have to compete for promotion of their status.

The strongest teams in the FIFA Rating got a place in League A. League B includes the teams that are ranked 17-32 in the ranking, the next 16 teams got their place at League C. This time, in League D, there are only two groups and seven teams.

There are certain restrictions on the drawing procedure: Ukraine can’t play against Russia in one group, Armenia can’t play against Azerbaijan. The last two teams are both in the third division this season.

We have the following distribution into four divisions:

Divison Group National Teams
League A Group 1 Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group 2 Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, England
Group 3 France, Croatia, Sweden, Portugal
Group 4 Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland
League B Group 1 Norway, Romania, Northern Ireland, Austria
Group 2 Scotland, Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Group 3 Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Russia
Group 4 Finland, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria, Wales
League C Group 1 Luxembourg, Montenegro, Cyprus, Azerbaijan
Group 2 Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, North Macedonia
Group 3 Slovenia, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova
Group 4 Belarus, Lithuania, Albania, Kazakhstan
League D Group 1 Andorra, Faroe Islands, Malta, Latvia
Group 2 Liechtenstein, San Marino, Gibraltar

Each team should play two matches within one group with the rest of the participants: home and away. Group fixtures were played from Sep 3 to Nov 18, 2020. The Nations League Finals will take place in October 2021.

According to the results of the group matches, the teams taking the last places in the first and second divisions are relegated to the lower division. And those participants who took first place in the B, C, and D leagues will move up the division next season.

UEFA Nations League Betting

Betting on UEFA Nations League

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  • • the physical form of the players plays a significant role;
  • • you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each team;
  • • pay attention to the recent injuries of key players and find out who can replace them.

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Live Betting

Here's one of the reasons why you shouldn't miss the UEFA LN final: it could be an exhibition game ahead of the World Cup matches in Qatar next year. You will see the teams in action that will become participants in the future competition.

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Nations League Final

The finals will be played in a knockout format. Participants are the winning teams of each of the four groups of the first division: Italy, Belgium, Spain, and France.

The tournament scheme is as follows: First, there will be two semifinal matches, then the fight for third place. The final match of the season will determine the winner and second place. All of them will be held over three days in two Italian cities, Turin and Milan. The semi-finals are scheduled for 6th and 7th Oct, with the remaining two matches on 10th Oct 2021.

We have prepared for you an overview of the upcoming UEFA Nations League semi-finals.

Italy vs. Spain

This match will be the first of the final games of the current season and will take place on October 6th. As the host nation, Italy will do everything possible to achieve no less success than Portugal in 2019. But their opponents are strong enough, so it will not be easy to complete such a task.

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Belgium vs. France

These two teams have already met in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup. Therefore, this fixture can be considered revenge. The beginning is intriguing, isn't it?

France is a reasonably strong player with a wealth of experience in the football arena. And the victory in the 2018 WC proves it. Will they be able to consolidate their superiority over Belgium? We will find out the answer to this question on October 7th. Do not miss the game!

Top Players\Scorers

In order to effectively use your time and make winning bets, you need to know not only the leading teams but also the top players who can influence the outcome of the match. Take a look at the top 5 UEFA level footballers:

  • • Erling Haaland (Norway) - 6 goals
  • • Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) - 5 goals
  • • Eran Zahavi (Israel) - 5 goals
  • • Stevan Jovetic (Montenegro) - 4 goals
  • • Timo Werner (Germany) - 4 goals
  • • Ferran Torres (Spain) - 4 goals
  • • Christian Eriksen (Denmark) - 4 goals
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In 2019, the title went to the Portugal national team. They beat Netherlands 1-0 in the final.

Semi-Finals and Final will be played at Juventus Stadium (Italy) and San Siro Stadium (Italy)

The UEFA Nations League will be broadcast live on the Sony Sports network in India. Fans can watch select matches on Sony TEN 2, Sony TEN 2 HD, Sony SIX and Sony SIX HD TV channels.

Tigran Barseghyan from Armenia made 4 assists in 6 matches of UEFA Nations League 2021

There are 8 big official sponsors behind this tournament: UniCredit, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, MasterCard, PepsiCo, Nissan, Gazprom, Heineken and Adidas.


The audience liked the new tournament very much, it attracted new fans. In India, viewers closely follow all matches, broadcasts are available on local TV channels. Ahead of the final matches of the League of Nations, you have a super opportunity to prepare for betting and study the latest info about the teams. All fixtures promise to be exciting.

Pay attention to the leading attacking players of each team because the goals scored will depend on their performance on the field. Also, check the injury data - in case of substitutions in the squad, this will affect the result.

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