Privacy Policy

General Provisions

This Privacy Policy has been developed by GOODWIN N.V. that has registration number 151353 (0) and its registered office at Heelsumstraat 51, Unit B-03, E-Commerce Park, Curacao. In this document, we will use the trade name mimy to refer to this company.

The document regulates the procedure for receiving, collecting, accumulating, storing, processing, using, protecting, and disclosing your personal information. mimy receives this data from you when you use our services – register and fill in a profile on the site, communicate with our support team, make payments for services.

Data Processing

By visiting mimy’s website and using our services, you automatically agree to our processing of your personal information. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, you should refrain from visiting mimy’s website and using our services.

When we write about data processing, we mean the transfer, blocking, deletion, clarification, updating, and/or change, and other ways of working with information.

We also urge you to be responsible for storing your secret information related to our company (for example, your login and password for your account on mimy’s website). Otherwise, unauthorized access to your account is possible. Please note that in such a situation we cannot be held liable for any possible damage.

What Data We Collect

mimy may collect and use the following personal data:

  • Information provided when filling in forms on our website;
  • Information that you send to us via the website or email;
  • Data from correspondence via the website, email, phone, messengers;
  • Your responses to mimy’s polls;
  • Information about your transactions with mimy;
  • Traffic, location, and other information related to your visits to our site.

mimy may also collect personal information from publicly available sources.

Why We Process Data

Data processing helps mimy to perform the following tasks:

  • comply with the obligations stipulated by applicable laws
  • to identify users when providing services
  • manage accounts and payments
  • inform clients about our promotions and bonus programs
  • analyze search queries, manage traffic, analyze and predict preferences
  • develop brands and effectively manage them
  • improve the quality of our products and services
  • identify violations and improper use of the system, manage risks

Please note that information regarding race, nationality, political views, religious and other beliefs, membership in public associations is not subject to processing.

Providing us with your data is a matter of your choice. However, a lack of the required information may result in our inability to ensure that your account is functioning correctly. It can also affect the ability to comply with our legal obligations.

You can find links to third party resources on our website. Before you follow these links, please note that the companies that manage these resources have their privacy policies.

Information Storage Period

mimy guarantees the protection of your data from unauthorized use.

We keep your data for as long as you use the services of our company. If at any time you decide to opt-out of our services, we undertake to store your data no longer than required by the legal rules and objectives set out in this document. The retention period may be longer if there are technical obstacles to deleting the information.

How We Protect Your Data

mimy constantly monitors measures to ensure the secure processing of your data. We undertake to use all technical and legal possibilities to protect your data from any illegal actions, including dissemination, modification, destruction, etc.

At the same time, we cannot eliminate the risks that may occur outside of our regulation.

To ensure the confidentiality of your data, mimy uses encrypted communications, secure premises, network protection systems, and other security measures.

Only competent employees who have previously undertaken to guarantee the confidentiality of all personal data have access to the personal data of our users.

Sharing Your Data with Others

We always comply with legal regulations when dealing with your personal information. mimy does not disclose your data without your consent. However, the legislation provides for some exceptions.

Here are some examples in which a user’s consent is not necessary to disclose personal information:

  • information is requested by a public authority that has the grounds for such a request and the right to request personal information
  • we have grounded suspicions that the user has violated the terms of the Privacy Policy or any other agreements concluded with mimy

According to the law, mimy has the right to exchange information with government agencies when identifying the risk of fraud on the site or any other suspicious user activity, as well as to investigate possible law violations.

mimy can disclose users’ data to other companies within associated and subsidiary companies, business partners, and successors in title to mimy’s business. Users' data can also be transferred within the mimy group.

mimy may also transfer your data to third parties if you choose to use their products or services. We always insist on heightened security measures if your data is transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Your Personal Data will only be transferred outside the EEA by mimy if

  • you have given your explicit consent to the data transfer after having been informed of the possible risks of such transfer, despite the lack of adequate data protection measures in the country where the data is transferred;
  • the data transfer is necessary for the fulfillment of contractual obligations between you and mimy or for the implementation of pre-contractual measures, at your request;
  • the data transfer is necessary for the conclusion or execution of an agreement concluded in your interests between mimy and another natural or legal person;
  • the transfer is necessary for the filing, execution, or defense of legal claims;
  • the data transfer is necessary to protect your vital interests or others if you are physically or legally unable to consent.

If personal data is transferred within a group, to business partners, or outside the EEA, mimy pledges to help with data protection following EEA standards. In doing so, we will count on the following:

  • in the country where the user's data is transferred, the level of data protection is not lower than in the EEA;
  • mimy will use agreements that request personal data protection according to EEA standards;
  • the data is transferred to the USA and the recipient is registered with the Privacy Shield – a framework that ensures that personal data is protected at the same level as in the EU.

At the same time, we cannot exclude situations that mimy will have to disclose the user's data to a third party to comply with the laws without full control over the level of data protection.

Changing and Deleting Data

You can, if you wish, make changes to your personal information or completely delete the data. You also have the option to withdraw your consent to data processing. If you choose to do so, we will stop processing your data and delete your information from our system. The exceptions are cases provided for by law.

Please note that changes or deletions of data may affect the functioning of the mimy’s services.

If you have any further questions, please contact us using [email protected]

Changes to Privacy Policy

Please note that mimy may supplement this Privacy Policy, as well as change some of its provisions. For example, we can do this due to legislation changes.

We will inform you via the website, email, or other communication channels in case of key changes in this document. We will give you enough time for a detailed study of the document.

All changes take effect immediately after publishing on the website. If you continue to use our services, this will automatically mean acceptance of the updated terms of the Privacy Policy.

We advise you to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to stay informed about updates.